Ticker: YOU
ICO start: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ICO end: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Price: 1 YOU = 0.001 ETH
Bonus: 1
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 55000 ETH
Softcap: 10000 ETH
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 64%
Minimum: 0,1 ETH
Accepting: ETH, BTC

The SELFLLERY platform is created for visual content monetization. Take Photo — Make Money! SELFLLERY is a multifunctional social platform that allows users to share photos and videos and receive rewards in cryptocurrency (YOU tokens) for social activities. The YOU token entitles its holders access to paid services on the SELFLLERY platform, to make purchases on the marketplace and photo stock, donate to charities, and make internal transfers and withdraw tokens to Ethereum wallets.



USERS GET YOU TOKENS FOR LIKES The Like is one of the key metrics in SELFLLERY operations.As users get Likes, they get YOU tokens credited to their accounts. The SELFLLERY reward system uses ERC20 tokens built on Ethereum blockchain technology. There is also a system of extra-Likes. After registration each user gets 10 YOU-Likes. YOU-Like is being used as an investment into perspective photos and videos that can produce profits. As any photo or video gets YOU-Like, it moves from its author’s profile to YOU-Like-Photos page for 24 hours, and other users can vote for this photo with the help of YOU-Likes. As a voting is over the photo moves back to its author’s profile, the voting is summed up and profit is being shared. CHARITY Every month SELFLLERY donates 10% of its profits to various charities. In addition, any SELFLLERY user can donate from his income to charities. PHOTO STOCK SELFLLERY provides a multipurpose photo stock to upload and sell digital photos. Payments in the stock gallery are made with YOU tokens. MARKETPLACE SELFLLERY users get access to the SELFLLERY marketplace where they can purchase related products (cosmetics, selfie sticks, smartphones, etc.) and services (cosmetic procedures, plastic surgery, photo prints etc.) with YOU tokens or other cryptocurrency. Suppliers are required to complete authorization process. Supplier catalog will show their ratings, escrow and reviews. MINING YOU TOKENS ON SELFLLERY Encrypted fragments of photos or videos can be stored in a fixed space of device and using fixed percentage of processor via IPFS protocol for data storing. This system off-loads servers and makes access to a photo or a video for a user faster directly from devices using CDN principle when data reached in his city or his country. PHOTO CONTESTS AND QUESTS SELFLLERY provides advertisers with a marketing toolset that includes contests and quests. The brand or company owner can launch a photo contest between users and specify custom conditions that would attract attention to the brand. Blockchain provides transparency of the contest as advertisers will use smart contract to specify the contest terms and rewards distribution. ADVERTISING PLATFORM SELFLLERY functions as an Advertising platform on smart contracts for companies and individuals who want to promote their products and services effectively to platform users, or buy photos for advertising purposes. SELFLLERY also proposes AdTemp technology as a unique way to create an advertising material with the help of AThey based on a visual content of successful bloggers and opinion leaders which have hundreds of thousands followers.


Q1, 2016: Idea Product Concept Definition.
Q2, 2016: Alpha Version of WEB App. Alpha Version of Android App.
Q3, 2016: Closed Testing of the WEB App. Closed Testing of the Android App.
Q4, 2016: Beta Version of Android Application. User Testing of the Service.
Q1, 2017: Market Research and Analysis. WHITEPAPER Preparation.
Q2, 2017: Economic Model Validation. Advisor Consulting.
Q3, 2017: Preparing for Pre-sale Launch.
Q4, 2017: Pre-sale Round A. Pre-sale Round B.
Q1, 2018: Pre-sale Round C – Already Raised $1,014,728. The team expansion. iOS based application. YOU Token Generator Event.
Q2, 2018: Launch of large-scale Marketing Company. User engagement. Photo-contest module connection. Charity module connection.
Q3, 2018: First 500 000 users. Advertising cabinet module development. Photo Stock module development. Launch of the advertising platform.
Q4, 2018 – Future: Module development for Marketplace. AdTech technology development. Copywrite approval module development on Blockchain. Approval of the photo originality module on Blockchain.
After 3 years: 1B users in SELFLLERY App.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Vadim CEO & Founder Vadim photo 4.3
Evgenyj CTO Evgenyj photo 4.3
Vladi Business Development Vladi photo 4.3
Rami Project Manager Rami photo 4.3
Victor CBDO Victor photo 4.3
Anastasiya Shteppa Senior Product Designer Anastasiya Shteppa photo 4.3
Yana Head of Marketing Yana photo 4.3
Vladislav Nikitenkov Chief Marketing Officer Vladislav Nikitenkov photo 11.3
Ira Business Development Officer Ira photo 4.3
Kate Communication Manager Kate photo 4.3
Sergey WEB Developer Sergey photo 4.3
Sandra Account Manager Sandra photo 4.3
Motti Peer Advisor Advisors Motti Peer photo 8.7
Nazar Polyvka Advisor Advisors Nazar Polyvka photo 7.3
Roman Kravchenko Advisor Advisors Roman Kravchenko photo 8.3
Jason Hung Advisor Advisors Jason Hung photo 143.2
Nathan Christian Advisor Advisors Nathan Christian photo 75
Reuben Godfrey Advisor Advisors Reuben Godfrey photo 82.3
Amarpreet Singh Advisor Advisors Amarpreet Singh photo 102.4
Boris Otonicar Advisor Advisors Boris Otonicar photo 38.8

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