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SilkChain ICO
Ticker: 1
Price: 2500000000
Bonus: ERC20
Tokens: 95,000 ETH
Tokentype: 17,000 ETH
Hardcap: 0
Softcap: Ethereum
Raised: 25%
Platform: 0.5 ETH
Distributed: ETH, BTC
Minimum: 2018-06-07 00:00:00
Accepting: 2018-07-10 23:59:59

SilkChain is the first blockchain project dedicated to improving international trade. For its fundraising, the project has gathered the most influential members and participants. The project has gathered world leading business groups, trading companies, e-commerce companies, logistics, warehousing and finance companies from around the world. The participants involved firmly believe in the mutually benefital, mutually trusting principals of the project. The members are committed to transform their respective centralized systems to a decentralized, open, transparent, trusted ecosystem. We are united around the goal of sharing more resources, and profits to create a bigger, and more efficient market to improve the long term sustainability of global trade.



In recent history, globalization has evolved over four major stages: commodity globalization, capital globalization, information globalization and data globalization. As a dominant form of interaction between nation states, international trade is undergoing rapid digitization. As the WTO has lowered the barrier for international trade in the past decades, the emergence of the internet has reduced information asymmetries across countries. These two factors have contributed chiefly to the rapid growth in international trade. According to figures, in 2016, the total global import and export has reached USD 31.15 trillion, is equivalent to the combined GDP of China and the United States. A global trade system with unprecedented size and scope has emerged as a result.
Unfortunately, crucial obstacles still persist in four critical aspects in the current trade system: business flow, goods flow, capital flow and information flow. Lack of fundamental improvements in these four areas has become a drag on the growth of international trade.
1. Business flow —— high cost of trust and credit building between parties.
2. Goods flow —— high cost of tracking the entire supply chain, and difficult to accurately and reliably trace the source of goods.
3. Capital flow —— Long cross-border settlement period, lack of cost effective financial support system, which is of particular importance to small and medium-sized companies.
4. Information flow —— fragmented trade information and centralized service platforms.


2018 Q1: Silkchain whitepaper issued for Ethereums ERC-20 protocol based token offering.
2018 Q2: Launch of SilkChain 1.0 Testnet, supporting sBFT consensus, reaching 500 tps.
Launch of cross-chain unified API TurboSDK, supporting Ethereum and SilkChain 1.0 Testnet.
Launch of WYSIWYG BPMN editor TurboBPMN, supporting Ethereum and SilkChain 1.0 Testnet.
DApps based on Ethereum available for testing.
2018 Q3: Launch of cross-chain digital assets transfer protocol DATP.
2018 Q4: Launch of SilkChain 1.0 Mainnet, supporting multi smart contract tiers, integration of CryptoApps, more pluggable consensus mechanisms, reaching 2000 tps.
Launch of CryptoApps specifications and CryptoApps store.
Launch of SilkCredit based on SilkChain 1.0.
2019 Q2: TurboSDK and TurboBPMN supporting for EOS, SilkChain 2.0 preview.
Launch of SilkFinance, SilkExchange.
2019 Q3: Launch of SilkContract, SilkSupply, SilkB2B.
2019 Q4: Launch of SilkChain 2.0, reaching 10000 tps.
Launch of BaaS platform.
Launch of other DApps developed by community partners.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Abdullah Saeed Al-Mobty President Abdullah Saeed Al-Mobty photo 3.7
JianFeng Feng Executive Vice President JianFeng Feng photo 3.7
Jiatao Chen Member/CIO Jiatao Chen photo 3.7
Bartosz Komasa Member Bartosz Komasa photo 3.7
Gary Szlatiner Member Gary Szlatiner photo 3.7
Levin Dmitry Alexandrovich Member Levin Dmitry Alexandrovich photo 3.7
Sergio Adler Member Sergio Adler photo 3.7
Danny Chan Member Danny Chan photo 3.7
Roger Szlatiner Advisor Roger Szlatiner photo 3.7
Khaled Mousa Team Leader Khaled Mousa photo 3.7
Wesley Wu Chief Architect Wesley Wu photo 3.7
Ziling Deng Chief Product Manager Ziling Deng photo 3.7
Djunaidi Lie Vice President Djunaidi Lie photo 3.7
Peter Gong Member Peter Gong photo 3.7
Danny Rowshandel Advisor Danny Rowshandel photo 3.7
Oleg Brytskyi Advisor Oleg Brytskyi photo 6
Irene Liu COO Irene Liu photo 3.7
Lillian Zeng CMO Lillian Zeng photo 3.7
Dr.Eike B.Post Advisor Dr.Eike B.Post photo 3.7
Alex Yang DApp Architect Alex Yang photo 6.2

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