Srivastava code

Srivastava codes, formulated by Professor , form a class of parameterised error-correcting codes which are a special case of alternant codes.



The original Srivastava code over GF(q) of length n is defined by a parity check matrix H of form

begin{bmatrix} frac{alpha_1^mu}{alpha_1-w_1} & cdots & frac{alpha_n^mu}{alpha_n-w_1} \ vdots & ddots & vdots  frac{alpha_1^mu}{alpha_1-w_s} & cdots & frac{alpha_n^mu}{alpha_n-w_s} \ end{bmatrix}

where the αi and zi are elements of GF(qm)


The parameters of this code are length n, dimension ≥ n − ms and minimum distance ≥ s + 1.


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