SunContract (SNC) – Decentralized Energy Market.

SunContract is disrupting Energy Market with Blockchain Technology. SunContract’s vision is to support a global self-sufficient energy community based on renewable energy and peer-to-peer energy trading based on the blockchain and smart contracts. By creating such an ecosystem, SunContract would like to contribute to greater independence when it comes to energy.

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ICO end date: 2017-08-01


SunContract is a platform that directly connects energy producers and consumers into an energy pool based on smart contracts. The SunContract’s vision is to support a global self-sufficient energy community based on renewable energy by digitalization of electricity. With SNCs one can buy electricity through the SunContract Energy Pool. SunContract’s business model joins together the best features of blockchain technology (5 T’s: trust, transparency, traceability, time stamp and transactions) and renewable sources of energy (5 D’s: digitalization, decarbonization, deregulation, decentralization and democratization) to create entirely new services that will revolutionize the existing market. Decentralized energy market on the blockchain is only the first step of transforming energy distribution grid services in the future and will be followed by grid-flow optimization services, demand response services etc.

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At the moment the SunContract platform is already launched and operational in Slovenia. The platform is accessible via easy to use mobile app. Plans to expand outside Slovenia are set for 2019 with Italy being the most likely next country, followed by at least one more (source: Reddit – July AMA). A large energy storage is planned to be installed by SunContract in 2019 which will help increase efficiency of the balance pool. Additional services are also planned in the field of e-mobility.

Basic Concepts


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Firstly, the SunContract Energy pool will be established. The idea is to join together electrical power producers and consumers and enable them to trade electricity through the Pool. After successful registration everybody can join the Pool. But in order to actually trade electricity one would need to obtain SunContract tokens (SNC). SNC’s were issued at the SunContract token sale as a software code on Ethereum platform. The company received necessary documents, such as EIC code and balance group registration, to open the Energy Pool.


SNC token is an Ethereum based token, which gives it stability and security. The total number of tokens ever created is 122,707,503 SNC and a change. SNC token has a real value in the form of trading with electricity, purchasing solar power plants, heat pumps and services of Bitcoin Association.

The prospects

ICO project started in summer of 2017 and lasted for a little bit more than a month. Funds were raised in cryptocurrency ETH through the smart contract that was published before the token sale. In december 2017, the price of tokens rose to almost 0,30 $ with market cap exceeding $20,000,000 USD dollars.

Where can I hold SNC?

You can hold SNC in any Ethereum-based wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens such as web wallets MyEtherWallet, Parity, Mist and mobile wallet Eidoo. Simply send your SNC directly to the address of the wallet you are using.

First real project

Very first (and surely this one was not the last) purchase anchored SNC token in a universe, where buying and selling energy with cryptocurrency is part of the reality already. In late October 2017, a family of five (mum, dad, two preschoolers and a grandma) decided to go green and fully refurbish their 160 m2 suburban home in terms of heating supply. They decided to abandon old oil-fired furnace and replace it with a heat pump. By the 20th of November 2017, they had it installed and running. The equipment was supplied by SONCE company which has over 15 years of experience in the field of energy supply. The costumer paid his project with the Cryptocurrency – SNC.


You can buy SNC on HitBTC, OKEx, YObit, Ether Delta and IDEX. Available pairs on Exchanges are: SNC/ETH, SNC/BTC, SNC/TOP, SNC/DOGE, SNC/WAVES, SNC/RUR and SNC/USD. More pairs are coming.


SNC market cap on 1 AUG 2017: $2,087,587

SNC price on 1 AUG 2017: $0.019115

SNC market cap on 31 DEC 2017: $26,851,629

SNC price on 31 DEC 2017: $0.245867


How to contact the team?

Official mail of the project is [email protected] so you can directly contact us here or through Telegram. Should you encounter any problems with the platform please contact support team on [email protected].

Options for joining as a pioneer?

SunContract named its pivotal part of a First stage platform a Pioneer program. You can join the project by registering on the following link: Each Pioneer will enjoy a select range of benefits, inaccessible to those who join SunContract story at a later stage. In many cases, Pioneers will get open access to products in various stages of development. More about the program can be found on the following link:

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