Truwho offers KYC and a full verification and information security ecosystem for customers and businesses specializing in blockchain solutions.

Truwho was envisioned as the solution to address numerous voids in the current state of the Know Your Customer (KYC)as a service model. This vision centered around building an entire ecosystem with a focus on empowering the customer in all instances of verification and identity protection. As a team of longtime crypto enthusiasts, we understand and support the existence and constant improvement of both anonymous, unregulated coins, and coins/companies that are pro-regulation and establishment. While dramatically different, both offer massive value to the crypto space as a whole. While we feel there are a number of great teams supporting both sides, as mentioned, we feel there is a serious need for improvement in the KYC sector. One of the main goals of pushing for regulations crypto is to support mass adoption, and in pursuit of this end, it is paramount that regulatory solutions be as friction free and secure as possible. This is far from the case currently, and a major base where Tru who offers a significant step forward. We asked the question, who should benefit from KYC? Who should KYC as a service companies cater to? Who should the process protect? If you take an audit of the current offerings 3in the marketplace. It will lead you to believe the answer is either the partners (contractors) or no one at all, and rather itis a burden on all parties involved. We at Tru who believe the answer should be the average user, AND the partners can each benefit – there is no need to make one suffer at the expense of the other. We have designed our entire platform around this idea, one that champions security, privacy, rights, and also respect the time of the users and partners, and does so via beautifully simple, but highly functional portal.

More than just KYC

Yes, KYC verification is the base and a major offering of Truwho; however, the platform as a whole offers so much more than just this. We have thoughtfully built a system of supporting products and features under the roof of a single company that aims to deliver every bit of benefit and utility that can be linked to a KYC verification organization. These features are designed to make best-in-class user experiences, and we believe focusing our efforts here, we will be successful in building a large user base. Of the top players in the KYC as a service industry, at present their user bases often seem forced to join out of necessity rather than volunteering for the intrinsic benefits offered by these companies – we are looking to change this paradigm.

The tale often unfolds as so: User wants to use an exchange-> joins exchange -> exchange is pressured to conduct KYC ->exchange outsources KYC to the third party -> User must submit to yet another third-party KYC company. The Truwho approach is far different, as we want to build a user base through the offering of a quality platform that delivers value and benefits to each user. The partners will come to where the users are, and both sides will benefit across the board from the offerings of the Truwho platform, described in more detail below.

Know Your Customer As a Service:

The ‘KYC as a service’ model is a well-established industry and has been a major force in reducing costly fraud in various contexts. KYC also plays a critical role in conjunction with other policies or standards such as anti-money laundering(AML) and can even be expanded to inform on know your customer’s customer (KYCC) as well as going hand in hand with anti-bribery regulations and more. In short, KYC is the first step in identifying fraud and bad actors and is imperative across abroad spectrum of business including crypto-centric operations that seek to move towards regulation and compliance. Truth has designed a more streamlined and customizable offering of KYC as a service without any sacrifice to effectiveness or security. We do not believe KYC is a one size fits all challenge and have therefore built our platform to allow you to tailor it to your needs. Through the use of multiple levels of verification, data transfers, and multi-layer security, we have put together the most effective and customizable KYC verification platform available. Specifics on levels of verification can be found later in the Levels section.


TruID is a cornerstone product within Truwho, it is the first point of interaction and integral to every action within the ecosystem. TruID serves as your unique and secure virtual ID, allowing you to control all aspects of your verified identity. By default, your TruID conveys only your TruID address and verification status allowing you to prove your identity or even just that you are in fact verified without exposing your sensitive personal documents. Through the easy to the user who portal, you can easily upload your documents and then choose what information you would like to be public, hidden, or shared between different parties. This is accomplished in part by allowing the generation of multiple TruID personas, each containing only the selected information so you never have to over-share with selected parties. You will also be able to securely log into platforms, register for ICOs, and join exchanges using just your TruID. Creating a TruID will require obtaining at least Bronze level verification, more on this can be found in the Levels section.

ID Revoking

A note on user empowerment: we have built in a ‘Revoke’feature to TruID that allows you to quickly and easily remove specific or even all access to your shared information. Using the button is immediate and, removes selected access. In certain cases, this may also change your ability to utilize a partner’s services if so specified by their setup parameters and rules, all of which is clearly disclosed ahead of time when granting access. This is just one more unique feature of Truth specifically added to give users the most control possible over their information.ExampleIf an ICO partners with Truwho, they set the parameters required for participation. If an ICO requires that a user Passat least Gold level verification and you have done so, the third party ICO will allow you to sign in with the just your TruID, passing only a user number and verification status. None of your personal information needs to be transferred to them. This keeps user data far more secure and takes the burden of appropriate storage and security of additional sensitive information off the Partner. As mentioned, your portal also allows you to build multiple custom shareable TruID personas that each contain different amounts of information. So you maintain full control over who sees what. You can revoke orTruID6TruID 32451 Gold Verification prevent the access to your data from certain parties at any time. You are able to create and link personas so you can verify you own your TruID. For example, details such as a username on an auction site, or a screen name from an online game. There are built in linking and sharing capabilities with yourTruID, allowing the elimination of doubt as to the source of a shared document. As versatile as it is secure, TruID represents a fundamental shift in how we save, share, and use personal identification online.

ID Format

A TruID number will consist of a combination of 2 randomly generated characters and 8 randomly generated numbers appended to the prefix “TRU-”.1. The truid number will be (example) TRU-AB123456782. Your TruID is generated after Bronze verification iscompletedTruID PersonasA sub-feature of your TruID is shareable personas, users can generate a one-time, or forever shareable TruID link from their account to share their identity with other users for the consumer to consumer relations, or with partners for the consumer to 7TruID 32451 Gold Verification business relations. This link can be shared on websites, social media sites, direct emails, text messages, and more. The user can add references/sources to the link so that the link cannot be stolen and used fraudulently. Depending on the level of verification, users are granted a limited amount of free access to TruID links/personas each month. After free access is used, users can select either to pay the service fee for the accessing themselves or have the sending party pay for the service fee.


Truwho was designed with a strong emphasis on supporting partnerships through quick integration, cost savings, and a robust partner portal. From the outset, Truwho was intended to make partner on-boarding as quick and painless as possible, and with the ability to fund verifications and other actions with the native WHO token, we have ensured lighting fast transactions, simplified bookkeeping, and reporting all while lowering friction of use and adoption. With an aim to deliver a superior product and management experience at a reduced cost from traditional KYC providers, Partners is flexible and can easily be tailored to protect businesses of any size from fraud.

Blacklist and API access

As a company that specifically caters to the unique needs of business in the cryptocurrency space, you can be sure our platform is always evolving to meet the latest of the ever-changing regulatory horizon across the world. Utilizing machine learning, we constantly update and cross-check against in-house and database blacklists to stop fraud before it happens. We are all about ease of effective integration; – thusTruwho will suit the product to your needs from quick setups to full API integrations with team support, the Partner team isPartners9here to help. In addition to a feature-rich product offering, you gain a built-in extended reach to our existing and ever-growing user base that has already passed KYC verification and are ready to interact with your platform instantly. Upon becoming an official partner with Truwho, a notification is sent to opt-in users alerting them that they are eligible to participate in a new ICO, or that there is a new ICO available and the minimum verification status they need to update to in order to participate.

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