UberPay Wallet

UberPay is a consumer wallet that stores your crypto-currencies without compromising your security. It includes the following coins:Bitcoin – Dogecoin – Litecoin
 – Peercoin 
- Dash
 – Reddcoin – NuBits
 – NuShares 
- Blackcoin
 – Feathercoin
 – Monacoin
 – Neoscoin 
- Namecoin 
- and many more

Uberpay is an app that lets you simplify your day to day crypto-currency use with merchants, your affiliate programs and friends and family, you can do all that around the world with minimal fees.

Your private keys never leave your device. UberPay’s Multicoin Wallets using one master key

For UberPay to maintain your privacy, it doesn’t request any kind of association between your real-world identity and the UberPay wallet or how to receive or spend funds. Your personal details never go through UberPay and spending your coins is completely anonymous. One of UberPay’s feature is to hide your IP address when pushing your transactions to the blockchain.


  • Platforms: Android
  • Validation Type: SPV
  • Wallet Features: Hierarchical Deterministic
  • Anonymity: Medium
  • Security: Personal
  • Ease Of Use: Easy

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