UFO Coin

UFO Coin is a cryptocurrency which got its name for Uniform Fiscal Object.



Developers established the following goals:

  • to finance the promotion of innovative projects;
  • to allocate funds for research of alternative energy types;
  • to support the study of UFOs with their detailed coverage in the media.

How to buy

The acquisition of UFO coin is associated with some difficulties. First users have to buy Bitcoins, and only then, through a deposit on , become the owner of these rare virtual coins.


It is known that the number of created UFOs should be 4 billion. On one block it is possible to earn 625 coins. After using every four hundred thousand blocks miners will get half the coins.

The plans of the developers of this altcoin for 2018:

  • continue to combine your acousticity algorithm with the Bitcoin code to version 0.13;
  • conduct a relisting (renewal of contracts) on Bitmex exchange;
  • create and release a lightweight webcover;
  • eliminate the involvement of bitcoin in exchange for any cryptocurrency;
  • create a conversion of a UFO in rubles.

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