ULTRA TRAVEL PAYMENT SYSTEM (UT-PAY) A blockchain based marketplace for transportation, accommodation and restaurants

UT-Pay has taken the initiative to revolutionize the way travel and tourism industry functions. There are no imminent threats to the prospects of the travel industry as of now, but it has been functioning in the same-old boring way for many years,and something needs to be done to enhance the user experience. Now, UT-Pay has decided to change the status-quo and offer excellent amenities to customers, to improve their travel experience. Travelling is primarily made up of three aspects Journey, Stay and Food. We have decided to make all the aspects comfortable for travelers so that their travel experience is exceptional. No matter which tour operator you chose to book your trip, they would not tell you about the various hassles that you will be facing. There are multiple procedures and formalities that you must go through especially when you are traveling to a foreign country. One of the most significant issues that travelers usually face in a foreign country is currency exchange. Fiat currencies are limited to one particular country,and when you travel to another country, you need to exchange the currency before you start your trip.But it is not mentioned in any itinerary that you are pretty much on your own in the foreign country and have to look for the appropriate foreign exchange provider. The maximum the travel agent will do for you is to arrange a vehicle,but the time, effort and hassle that goes into doing all this is not described anywhere. Nobody wants to be wandering cluelessly in a foreign country, looking for a foreign exchange provider without any idea if it will offer genuine rates and will not try to fleece you. But now we have decided is going to change once and for all. We have integrated crypto currency in our payment system and will now enable you to make payments in any country, in any currency, without ever needing to change the fiat currency physically. Crypto currency is fast becoming highly popular and is making its way into multiple industries all over the world. With UT-Pay, you need not exchange a fiat currency anymore; you can just use our unique crypto currency payment system to make the payment to a vendor. Even if you need to exchange you can exchange it through your smartphone and digital wallet. This path breaking offering from us is poised to usher in a new era for tourism and travel industry. For more information, please visit: https://www.utpay.io/

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