About Uquid <br /> Uquid aims to connect the cryptocurrency enthusiast with the merchants worldwide through the decentralized bitcoin blockchain technology. The all-in-one solution offered by Uquid enables bitcoin and altcoin payments with just one click. With the Uquid bitcoin debit card, users can spend their coins worldwide, in millions of online or offline stores.

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Services Provided <br /> Uquid provides access to cryptocurrency payments in bitcoin and 40 additional altcoins, including litecoin, ethereum, ripple, monero, dash and many more. The wallet can be used in three different fiat currencies, such as USD, EUR and GBP. The transfers from the wallet to the debit card happens instantly at real time market rates, so users can spend the coins right away.

They target the unbanked population and the travelers for their services who wish to transfer many in an easy, cheap and hassle free way. The cards can be used at retailers to top up mobiles, pay utility bills, pharmacy or food, purchase transportation ticket or anything else, clients would buy with an ordinary debit card. Clients can also receive money to the Uquid cards from freelancing activities, gambling sites and even from PayPal. The ATM withdrawals are available at more than 34 million ATM cash machines worldwide.

Both physical and virtual cards are available at UQUID. The PIN codes are available in the Uquid platform after activating the card. The physical cards are delivered to over 178 countries worldwide. Users in many African countries and in the Middle East are not able to use Uquid’s services. Residents of India and the United States are also on the excluded countries list.

The shipping takes 1-2 weeks depending on the workload of the issuing bank. The standard shipping is free of charge. Expedited shipping costs 35 USD and means users can get hold of the bitcoin cards within 5 business days. UQUID limits the number of cards belonging to one email address, if clients want to order additional cards, they have to sign up for the services with a new email address.

The Uquid bitcoin debit card can be loaded through several methods. Bank wire transfers are available for customers who can verify their identities. For anonymous usage, clients can opt for top ups with Paysafecards, bitcoins, any of the 40 other altcoins. They accept alternative payment service providers as well, like Alipay, CashU and 17 other payment provider which operates in different countries.

Uquid have two different levels of service depending on the Know Your Customer (KYC) identification processes. The Silver package is for those users who do not wish to disclose their identity. The VISA issued debit card requires no identification or credit check before ordering. The cards can be topped up with 2500 USD without identity verification, the ATM withdrawal is limited to 200 USD per transaction, up to a maximum 1000 USD.

With identity verification which means providing ID or passport and proof of residence, client are eligible for the gold package. Verification takes 3-4 working days after providing the documents. The identity verification lets the clients use the Uquid bitcoin debit card for unlimited amount of money. Only the daily ATM withdrawals are set to 2000 USD with two transactions and the daily top ups is maximized in 20000 USD. Otherwise the verified cards are truly available for unlimited usage.

Fees and Pricing Schedule <br />

  • The creation of the virtual Uquid bitcoin debit card costs 1 USD, the plastic card is charged at 16.99 USD. The monthly maintenance fee is also 1 USD, however this fee is only payable if the card has any balance. Obtaining the PIN code is free for the first time, then changing it costs 1 USD.
  • Domestic ATM withdrawals are charged at 2.50 USD per transaction, the international cash withdrawals cost 3.00 USD. Uquid charges 3% currency exchange fee if the base currency of the card is different compare to the purchase currency.
  • The loading fees vary depending on the top up method chosen. The wallets can be loaded with bitcoins and altcoins with free of change. The wire transfers costs 1.5% per transaction, Alipay top ups costs 5%, CashU is 2%.
  • If clients wish to withdraw the deposits from the Uquid accounts, an additional 3% transactions fee is charged each time on the bank transfer.

Uquid User Experience <br /> Uquid website has a nicely designed platform, however their English ruins the experience. Missing words, incorrect conjugation and sentences that are structured inappropriately makes the content sometimes even difficult to understand.

Uquid platformThe platform is available in eight different languages. Beside English, clients can reach the site in German, Italian, French, Turkish, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese and in Arabic. The services are also reachable for smart phone users both in the App Store for iPhone users and in the Google Play for Android users. Two factor authentication is available for the website logins.

Their support team is reachable by email and through a contact form that creates a ticket number which enable easier tracking of issues. They promise to respond to user queries within 24 hours window.

Overall Conclusion <br /> Uquid offers prepaid debit card option in three fiat currencies (USD, EUR and GBP) and connects 40 different cryptocurrencies to it. The card fees are on the average market level and delivered to most countries worldwide. After verification, clients may use the Uquid bitcoin debit cards without any limits. Although Uquid has a very good service structure, it is disappointing that the website has poor English language, which may distract many prospective clients.



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