Victorium is a cryptocurrency created by multinational team, which according to the statements of the creators should provide its users with instant transactions without waiting for hours, as well as quality technical support and the ability to get an answer to any question within a few hours.



  • Name Victorium Ticker VIC
  • Algorithm PoW Dagger Hashimoto
  • RPC port 8555
  • P2P port 30322
  • Mining GPU
  • Block Reward 6.25 VIC
  • Block Time 30 seconds between blocks


The volume of emissions is not limited. At the moment, there are already 1,635,000 coins in circulation, the cost of each is about 15 cents. At the same time, fluctuations in the cost are limited to a range of 12-30 cents. Profit from the production of this coin is difficult to determine – it is not listed in the mining calculators. The coin will act as an internal means of payment on the future exchange.

Where to get

There are already several quite serious pools where Victorium can be mined, for example:

  • Victoria Mining Pool;
  • BaikalMine;

To store the coin, users can use one of the wallets, which are offered on the official VIC website. It is presented in versions for Windows, MacOS and Linux.


At the moment, the coin is more popular in Russia, although the foreign audience is also slowly becoming interested in it. The average daily trading volume is only 1.5 thousand dollars.

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