VIHOR is social media platform with highly targeted audience that is rewarding its users with cryptocurrency rewards that can be used to purchase items from VIHOR online store, get discounts on items or various services on VIHOR platform.

VIHOR is a blockchain database that supports community-building and social interaction with cryptocurrency rewards in addictive game with real-time online photo competition system for action sports.

VIHOR combine concepts from social media in community building and social interaction with lessons from building cryptocurrencies and their communities.

VIHOR will inspire participation in the community through fair accounting system that will accurately and transparently reward our users who make subjective contributions to the community.


VIHOR social network is core part of our comprehensive recreational and extreme sports VIHOR platform that connects mobile app with web platform providing us with more complete and detailed analysis of their activities. Tracked information as well as recorded videos or pictures can be shared with friends on VIHOR social network or Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to generate social interaction and encouragement and valuable rewards from sponsors and equipment vendors.

VIHOR Social Network is unique social network with highly targeted audience that is rewarding its users with VIHOR Coins that can be used in our online store for discounts, various services or for our booking & rental services. When sharing content, video or picture will be automatically tagged by platform with equipment using VIHOR Garage feature to achieve results, place or resort where is made and equipment used to shoot video or picture making possible to users to earn more reward points. Sponsors will get more exposure to targeted audience this way.

Making more VIHOR Coins on sharing content, users will make more purchases on our online web store and will share even more content making their marketing activities more viral and resulting in more overall users of VIHOR Platform.

Vendors can purchase amount of VIHOR Coins to credit all marketing activities of our users. Because of highly targeted marketplace and power of referral marketing that provide our platform, vendors and sponsors will achieve much higher ROI on marketing funds and this will make our platform favorable marketing platform for vendors of recreational and extreme sports equipment.

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