Vite is a feeless, high-performance public chain and the first of its kind to implement DAG-based smart contract capabilities. The original asynchronous architecture, hierarchical consensus, and snapshot chain technology make Vite an industry-leader in terms of performance and commercial-level application support.

To date, Vite has a steady record of deploying practical applications on its platform, with products including a decentralized exchange, a public financing dApp for the City of Syracuse, multiple on-chain games, and micropayment platforms.


The Vite Foundation was established in June 2018 and is composed of top technical experts and financial experts from the United States and China. The foundation raised $30 Million came from the top institutional investors including Bitmain, Starwin Capital, Node Capital, Link VC, OK Capital, AXI Ventures, BigCoin Capital, GENESIS, KOSMOS and more.


Vite users are distributed across 180 countries around the world, with a community of 200,000 people, 20,000 daily active wallet users, 49 supernodes and 3,000 full nodes.

DEX Decentralized Exchange: ViteX

Fast & Seamless. ViteX is a dApp built on the Vite public chain. Utilizing Vite’s DAG ledger and asynchronous architecture, ViteX is able to offer a fast transaction confirmation and order book matching (comparable to that of a centralized exchange) while still operating on a fully decentralized platform.

Open & Transparent. Many of the other DEX platforms operate on a partially-decentralized model, with on-chain asset management modules and off-chain order book matching modules. ViteX, on the other hand, allows both modules to be run entirely on-chain, thus ensuring full transparency in all aspects of the trading experience.

Fair for all. The ViteX ecosystem has a token called VX, which will be mined by the community and be used to determine community members’ dividend ratios. VX will have no pre-sale, pre-mining or ICO. 90% of the total supply will be distributed to the trading community and the remaining 10% will be given to Vite Labs. Additionally, all transaction fees collected on ViteX will be distributed back to traders based on the amount of VX they hold.

VX is the token associated with ViteX. VX holders enjoy payouts from a shared dividend pool comprised of transaction fees and listing fees. There will be no public nor private sale for VX. Users can only get VX through mining. The total supply of VX is 100 million. All VX will be distributed in two years, with zero inflation. The daily average VX distribution is 137,000. 10% of daily distributed VX will be set aside to fund future development of ViteX.

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