Virtual Mining Corp was a company run by an individual who made claims to several ASIC hardware developments and sought investment by common members of the public.

Many of their claims were refuted. By the 6th of February 2015, the State of Missouri had found “Multiple Violations of Offering and Selling Unregistered, Non-Exempt Securities” in relation to the investments sought for VMC, AMC (Active Mining Corporation), and ActM (Virtual ActiveMining).


date/link summary
2013/03/26 [1] 110nm mention/specs, 45nm mention/specs: 6-9Gh, 28nm mention/specs: 9-15Gh
2013/03/26 [2] 45nm mention
2013/04/09 [3] mention of purchasing Avalon chips
2013/05/03 [4] statement that they are indeed purchasing Avalon chips for their 110nm machines
2013/05/20 [5] 45nm Dec 2013, 28nm Jun 2014
2013/06/08 [6] 45nm freq 300MHz, 28nm freq 450Mhz+
2013/06/27 [7] eASIC mention, Global Foundries mention, 28nm specs: 16Gh:11.136W@800Mhz, 20Gh@1000Mhz, 27x27mm die, FCBGA672
2013/07/04 [8] 28nm topology: easicopy
2013/07/05 [9] 28nm specs (core voltage): [email protected]:800Mhz
2013/07/10 [10] 45nm skip mention
2013/07/23 [11] possible new logo, never used
2013/07/23 [12] 28nm: oct/nov 2013 date
2013/09/04 [13] eASIC codev confirmation
2013/12 [14] “People’s ASIC” approached
2014/01/21 [15] 55nm, UMC, codev: “People’s ASIC”, tape-out+IP acquisition, topology: full custom
2014/01/22 [16] package: 11x11mm, 1.9Gh/s, 2.5W
2014/01/30 [17] 55nm Q2 2014, 28nm Q3 2014
2014/02/13 [18] first 55nm wafers expected April 10th
2014/02/13 [19] first 55nm chips expected to ship April 17th
2014/02/20 [20] mention of ‘a new vendor’ for 28nm
2014/02/20 [21] mention of eASIC NRE recovery (i.e. eASIC no longer being used)
2014/03/02 [22] interview in which 55nm cancellation is purportedly mentioned
2014/03/02 [23] 55nm acknowledged as canceled, also mentions ‘a 28nm chip’, rather than ‘the 28nm chip’
2014/03/07 [24] 28nm date is now ‘a moving target’
2014/03/31 [25] pictures of mine being set up, boards are HashFast.
2014/03/31 [26] “It is a chip that we purchased in bulk and we are reselling in on our manufactured boards as our Fast-Hash One chip.” – i.e. not their own chip design.
2014/03/31 [27] “still working on developing our own 28nm chip”
2014/05/14 [28] “We are working on getting our own chip, this is high priority.”
2014/06/24 [29] last post by kslaughter
2014/06/29 [30] last activity by kslaughter
2015/02/06 [31] State of Missouri court declaration in re VMC/AMC, finding “Multiple Violations of Offering and Selling Unregistered, Non-Exempt Securities”.



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