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Wollit is a simple and secure web-based client-side encrypted Bitcoin wallet. It aims to facilitate mainstream adoption of Bitcoin by providing a simple, secure and clean way of sending, receiving and managing Bitcoin transactions.

Wollit also provides merchant functionality for utilising Bitcoin as a payment mechanism and offers developers full blockchain browser functionality.



The vision of the team with wollit is to build the game-changing Bitcoin Wallet. The wallet which take Bitcoin mainstream. Wollit’s goal, alongside providing the simplest Bitcoin Wallet, is to help the Bitcoin community as a whole in spreading Bitcoin love. To act as ambassadors and evangelists. [1]


The service launched in beta in May 2013[2].

Wallet Security

  • The wallet available from this service is considered a hybrid EWallet;
  • Bitcoins are not stored with wollit, but instead held in your browser;
  • There is an encrypted copy of your wallet stored on wollit’s servers;
  • Wollit cannot spend/lose of even access your Bitcoins;
  • ISO10126 padding;
  • 500 rounds of PBKDF2 on users password as key.


There are no fees for using Wollit.

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  2. BitcoinTalk – Introducing Wollit! The secure beautiful web-based client-side wallet