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99 Bitcoins is one of the most popular websites and blogs about Bitcoins. It aims to close the gap between the technological aspect of Bitcoin and newbies using of a non technical blog and simple tutorials explained in laymen terms. 99 Bitcoins also operates the subdomain 99 Affiliates which aims to be the most comprehensive source on the web for Bitcoin Affiliate Programs. It has the log on YouTube with many tutorials about cryptocurrency.[1]


First domain of 99 Bitcoins was BitcoinWithPaypal.com and that time it focused on the sole purpose of explaining how to buy Bitcoins with the help of Paypal wallet. After receiving a complaint from Paypal’s legal department regarding the use of their trademark in the domain name the website rebranded itself to 99 Bitcoins. In 2014 the website has expanded and offers tutorials not only about Bitcoin but also about other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Peercoin, Namecoin, Feathercoin and more.


This week in Bitcoin in 99 Seconds – 99 Bitcoins

There are applications on AppStore and GooglePlay issued by this project as well as a number of different plugins.

99 Coins Ticker

The 99 Coins Ticker shows the data about the latest prices of cryptocurrencies from BTC Average, BTC-E, BTCC and BitStamp. The plugin has a comprehensible interface and the sample of prices for the last 30 days.

Bitcoin News Feed Widget

The Bitcoin News Feed Widget is a plugin developed on the WordPress platform that update the news articles and cryptocurrency prices on the websites of users from different sources

99 Bitcoins mobile app

The 99 Bitcoins has its own mobile applications on GooglePlay and AppStore, which enables users to see the latest Bitcoin prices and read cryptocurrency news.

99 Affiliates

99 Affiliates is a subdomain of 99 Bitcoins dedicated solely to covering the subject of Bitcoin affiliate programs. The website is built as a blog which gives real live data from different Bitcoin affiliate programs after it has tested them out for conversion rates and payouts. Some of 99 Affiliates’ content is restricted to registered users. Registration is free of charge.

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  1. Bitcoin.it – 99 Bitcoins is a website and blog about Bitcoins