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Aragon (ANT) is a token on the Ethereum blockchain with the objective to create value without borders or intermediaries. Essentially it is a governance solution for tokens launched on the Ethereum platform. Aragon is an extremely customizable system that gives everyone the opportunity to manage decentralized organizations with special tools. Aragon tokens are connected to the Aragon Network. Thanks to ANT coin you can get a lot of operations in a single, convenient interface. Among these operations and cap table, and the management of structures, and the distribution of funds. ICO of the project started ont 2017-05-17.


Aragon Review

The development of the Aragon platform started in May 2017 as a result of the successful ICO. Large investments enable developers to pay due attention to the future of the project. At the moment, the Aragon coin team is being selected to solve the key tasks of the project, and only after the formation of the composition, work began. As a result, the deployment of the platform is scheduled for November-December 2018.

Aragon is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. It is also accessible via a web browser. The source code is published on GitHub.

Aragon has the objective to manage entire organizations using the blockchain. This way organizations should be more efficient than their traditional counterparties. By making it possible for everyone in the world to organize, Aragon is enabling the borderless, permissionless creation of value. More information can be found in the project whitepaper:

Aragon ICO

The ICO of Aragon project was launched on 17th of May, 2018. Despite the fact that the entire campaign was given approximately 30 days, all available tokens were sold in the first quarter of an hour. Just purchased 275,000 ETH, which is approximately $25 million of US dollars. Such excitement gives the concept a high level of confidence in the platform.

Aragon coin price

The price of ANT token or Aragon coin is always chaining, however, BitcoinWiki gives you a chance to see the prices online on Coin360 widget.


  • High security. Since all data in such organizations have proven, reliable system of protection, the partial change or even hacking of this information is not possible.
  • The source code is available to everyone. Each of you has the ability to independently monitor and monitor each stage of the project development individually and the whole process.
  • The Aragon fees are very small, i.e. the amount that users pay for transactions on the Aragon platform is extremely minimal.
  • Anonymity. Due to the principles that underlie the resource, the user’s identity can not be identified.
  • All emissions are limited. The Aragon system differs from real money, the release of which is not limited to the fact that it has its own specific limits. Due to this, this coin has the opportunity not only to avoid inflation, but also to attract new investors.
  • Modularity and simplicity. Any user can easily understand many seemingly complex and intricate functions without much effort, one of which is the creation of smart contracts.
  • The platform has its own mechanism for resolving disputes, disagreements and inconsistencies between the two sides.


  • The lack of the ability to cancel an already performed transaction.
  • Transactions on this platform are difficult to track.
  • At the moment, there is a high probability of Aragon Network Token’s ban, as the digital currency does not yet have an accurate, legally justified description. A number of States have approved the coin by law, while others impose a number of sanctions on the turnover of these electronic money. In addition, many countries are still struggling to give any legal status to this currency.
  • The coin of the Aragon platform is not provided, that is, unlike the usual money, the cost of ANT is not supported by any GDP indicators or the size of the gold reserve.
  • There is a great risk of losing access to the Internet wallet. Of course, there is an advanced protection system, but nevertheless there is always a risk of losing part of their savings due to hacker attacks or unexpected failures. Also, in case of loss of the owner of the e-wallet of his password, the return of digital currency, which was on this account, is not carried out.
  • Huge volatility. ANT price change is almost unpredictable, as it changes only under the influence of current demand.
  • No one can give any guarantees. Everyone who has decided to invest in decentralized platforms like Aragon should be aware of all the risks and take all the financial responsibility solely on themselves.

Aragon Perspectives and Price Prediction

The Aragon platform, like many others, has its competitors. Among them, the Otonomos platform can be highlighted, which provides tools for the transfer of all procedures and institutions to the decentralization zone. The disadvantage of this site is that it provides its services exclusively to customers located in the Virgin and Cayman Islands, Singapore, Hong Kong and, therefore, the entire part of the European market remains in the hands of the founders of Aragon.

As for the users of the Aragon platform, ANT coins provide all the opportunities for interaction. Namely, they make it possible to participate in decision-making concerning various services, investment accounting, capital use, etc.

It should also be said that Aragon uses the Continuous Token Model, according to which coins are issued as needed. A limited number of ANT token will be only up to a certain point, namely, while the creators of the platform develop the Aragon Network. In the future, the issue of tokens will depend only on monetary policy and inflation.

The Aragon system also applies the redemption of coins back in its work, but this is not due to the manipulation of the price, It is necessary to its own needs, such as: the payment of various rewards.

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