ChromaWay was founded in 2014 and is an early pioneer of what is now dubbed as “blockchain 2.0” technology. Combining great blockchain experts ChromaWay provides a platform for smart contracts and issuing and transferring assets through a blockchain. We recently announced our partnerships with LHV bank in Estonia and Funderbeam which are leveraging the ChromaWay platform.

Colored Coins

ChromaWay Created the first Colored coins implementation: The EPOBC protocol which allows you to store assets on the Bitcoin blockchain. There are many interesting applications to colored coin. You could have an IPO on the blockchain by issuing shares as colored coins, and send them to your shareholders. The shares can then be traded almost instantaneously and for free through the Bitcoin blockchain. You could have smart properties represented by colored coins. You could store your house on the blockchain by issuing a single coin, then the ownership of the house can be transferred with a simple Bitcoin transaction.


ChromaWay is implementing the EPOBC protocol.

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