FortFC is a liquidity provider on cryptocurrency market. The project is aimed on providing the deep liquidity of the highest quality for the operations with cryptocurrencies at the best market prices available at the moment. By aggregating the prices from the pool of most popular and trusted exchanges connected to FortFC, we offer our clients unique opportunity to choose the best price from a particular exchange as well as to get the best price available on the whole market due to the aggregated liquidity.


Project Summary

FortFC is a liquidity provider on the cryptocurrency market that aggregates buy and sell orders simultaneously from a pool of the most popular world exchanges and accumulates the necessary liquidity volume at the right time specifically for its customers. Traders get a convenient terminal with an easy-to-understand and functional API, the FIX protocol connected to the trading platform, transparent trading conditions, customer support, and a wide range of ways to deposit and withdraw funds.

Fort FC offers its customers a wide range of unique services such as:

  1. Marginal cryptocurrency trading
  2. Possibility to purchase cryptocurrency for fiat
  3. Customer support in 8 languages
  4. Physical cryptocurrency settlement
  5. Up-to-date and trusted trading terminal
  6. Loyal traders community
  7. FIX and REST connection types
  8. Cryptocurrency exchange

Based on the calculations, even with the most conservatively predicted number of connections to the innovative service of FortFC, the organic demand for the tokens is turning out to be 24,226,891.70 EUR. Consequently, due to the deficit that has been created, the demand for a token by FortFC customers will not make it unprofitable.The main value driver behind FFCT token price is demand for company services, which can be purchased using the token. Payment for services through tokens can be made at a discount.

ICO Details

  • Token: FFCT;
  • Token price: 0.2 EUR;
  • Method of payment: ETH, BTC, LTC, ETC, XRP, BCH, DASH, Local Bank Wire, Bank Card;
  • Soft Cap: 2,500,000.00 EUR;
  • Hard Cap: 25,000,000.00 EUR;
  • Start: 31/03/2019;
  • End: 30/09/2019;

Team and founders

  • Founder – Evgeniy Filichkin ;
  • Chief Financial Officer – Natalia Kriachkova;
  • Chief Information Officer – Anton Stavinsky;
  • Chief Operating Officer – Oleg Nazarov;
  • Senior Partnership Development Manager – Qing Li;
  • Key Account Manager MENA – Hassan Mallah;
  • Key Account Manager EU – Artem Bogdanov;
  • Key Account Manager, Asia – Konstantin Kovrizhnykh;
  • Social Media Marketing, China and Taiwan – Simon Liu;
  • Director Institutional Sales, Asia – Angpao Prasitthisuphaporn;
  • Advisor – Giacomo Arcaro;
  • Advisor – Giovanni Casagrande;
  • Advisor – Andrey Didenko.

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