Dagger XDAG cryptocurrency

Dagger (XDAG) is a cryptocurrency designed in 2017 by an anonymous developer known on the Bitcointalk forum as Cheatoshin. A command line-based wallet/miner was released in December 2017, along with a testnet. The main Dagger network was launched on January 5, 2018. During this first stage, the cryptocurrency was called CheatCoin, but many Bitcointalk forum members complained that “cheat” was not a good word to use in the name of a currency, though Cheatoshin likely had programmers and gamers in mind when he created the name (hardcore gamers are sometimes called “cheaters”, and often gamers discover “cheat codes” for their video games).


Dagger Review

Because of the controversial name, it was changed to Dagger on January 10, 2018. Right around this time, a GUI wallet was released, though the command line wallet is still available, likely because command line wallets are easier for some users, such as the blind and visually impaired. Dagger is more than just another Bitcoin clone; Dagger has figured out a way to make a Tangle-based cryptocurrency (in the spirit of IOTA) that is mineable, therefore creating a mineable coin in which a user who makes one transaction is validating two others.

Although other Tangle coins such as Byteball exist, Dagger is most likely the first mineable Tangle cryptocurrency. Being a new cryptocurrency, it has not been listed on exchanges yet (therefore it can not be found on Coinmarketcap), but people on the Facebook group and the forums are placing price tags on Dagger, thanks to various trading threads posted on the Dagger forum and Bitcointalk.

XDAG mining

XDAG coin can be mined in a few ways:

  • CPU mining. First you need a XDAG wallet which you can download at: http://xdag.me/downloads.html. Next, you need to be connected to a pool.
  • GPU mining. GPU-miner is based on OpenCL. You need to have your account address and storage folder to use it. Most of modern video cards is applicable. Current implementation is not optimized, probably hashrate can be increased in about 80% further.

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