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E-krona coin is OTA-Based ‘E-Krona’ Cryptocurrency To Be Launched By Sweden. Ekrona is a Nordic p2p digital cryptocurrency that uses Scrypt PoW and offers fast international transactions.

Sweden is building it’s own cryptocurrency E-Krona and it seems that IOTA and Stellar(IBM) are in shortlist but not Nano. self.nanocurrency

Sweden’s E-krona coin has shortlisted Stellar and IOTA to build a national cryptocurrency but as we all know Nano’s technology is very well suited for this type of project and would have provided incredible credibility to Nano project. Nano team should look into this type of project and show what is the potential of Nano.


Features of E-Krona

At the same time, of course, it is an opportunity: based on blockchain distributed ledger technology, it is now possible for the central banks to provide individuals with central bank money as well. This opens up completely new options in monetary policy. We are still a few years away from a potential launch, but there is already a first picture. For the development of E-Krona, the Riksbank has turned off ten full-time employees and a budget of the equivalent of approximately 340,000 euros. According to Riksbank, the E-Krona coin Ekrona news

  • do not replace cash and other payment methods, but supplement them.
  • ensure access to central bank money for the public.
  • serve as a means of payment and for value retention, such as cash.
  • For small sums, you can also allow offline payments.
  • may even allow anonymous payments.
  • have a built-in option for paying interest.
  • and be designed on the basis of a technical solution that allows an expansion of functions.


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