FoMO — obsessive fear of miss interesting event or a good opportunity. The concept itself, the abbreviation of which is used, is borrowed from the psychology of “Fear of missing opportunity” — “fear of missing the opportunity.”

Symptoms of Fomo

  • Frequent fear of missing out on important things and events
  • Semantic emphasis on the phrase ” everything but me»
  • Obsessive desire to enter into any form of social communication
  • The desire to constantly like people and get approval
  • Striving to be accessible for communication all the time
  • The desire to constantly update social media feeds
  • Feeling of strong discomfort when the smartphone is not at hand
  • People who have fomo tend to drink alcohol more often and in large volumes than people who do not have It

Effects Of Fomo

As a result, Fomo has a negative impact on the mental health of people, provoking bad mood and in some cases depression. The most frequent private manifestations of Fomo – feeling of boredom and loneliness.

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