Htmlcoin (HTML) is both an alternative cryptocurrency and a secure hybrid blockchain platform for multiple coins, smart contracts, and distributed applications.
Exchanges (as of Jan 1, 2018) – Bleutrade, TradeSatoshi.
Capitalization (as of Dec 1, 2017) – $4, 271, 149 USD.



Htmlcoin was created in early 2014 by Amando Boncales while he was a doctoral student at Northern Illinois University. He was inspired by his belief that blockchain technology developed to serve and help people can, and will, make a difference. He launched Htmlcoin on March 8th of that year as a scrypt alternative crypto coin similar to Litecoin. It began trading actively on many exchanges soon after its launch.

Htmlcoin suffered a 51% attack in June 2017, which forced Boncales and the coin’s key developers to meet to devise a new plan of action for the coin’s continuance. The formalization of the Htmlcoin Foundation and a strengthened and renewed commitment to the ongoing development of Htmlcoin emerged from out of these talks as well as a plan to shift the Htmlcoin coin into something more than just a coin. Htmlcoin was to become a smart contract blockchain platform. A new algorithm for the coin was chosen, intense development took place, and a coin swap was initiated on November 20, 2017 in conjunction with the release of the new Htmlcoin blockchain platform.

HTMLcoin price

The price of HTML token or Htmlcoin is always chaining, however, BitcoinWiki gives you a chance to see the prices online on Coin360 widget.

Technical features

Htmlcoin is a secure blockchain based on Bitcoin Core that integrates Ethereum based smart contracts. It implements an extendable design that can add more virtual machines (VM) than many other blockchain platforms. Enabled through an Account Abstraction Layer, the Htmlcoin platform allows an account-based VM to function on a Bitcoin UTXO based blockchain.

It has been developed, supported, and promoted by the Htmlcoin Foundation, which not only designed a blockchain platform based on the best characteristics of Bitcoin and Ethereum, but expanded it to include the positive attributes of network technology stacks from the likes of QTUM and ARK. Essentially, Htmlcoin is a hybrid of some of the best and most innovative technologies of the crypto world.

Technical Htmlcoin Specifications

Cryptographic hash function – Khyn Academy
  • Premine: Coin Swap/Exchange Deficit/Development Fund/
    5% Degree of Tolerance
  • PoW Reward: 1,250 coins per block
  • Max PoW Coins: 90 billion
  • PoS Reward: 1% Annual
  • Proof: PoW/PoS
  • Hash: Double SHA 256
  • Difficulty: Enhanced Hash Rate Compensation
  • Security: Real Time Checkpointing
  • Block Time: 60 Seconds
  • Block size: 1Mb
  • Networking: UPNP/IPv4/IPv6
  • QR Code: Generate codes for addresses

Htmlcoin Blockchain Features

Real Time Checkpointing

  • Protects the history of the chain from being changed by 51% attacks.
  • Broadcasts block height and hash of the main chain that cannot be overwritten.
  • Enhanced Hash Rate Compensation.
  • Adjusts every 120 blocks with short, medium, and long block time samples to average out the adjust, and applies 25% damping to the result.

Hybrid Bitcoin/Ethereum

  • Uses both the Bitcoin and Ethereum codebase. This combines Bitcoin with Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVM).

Smart Contracts

  • Protocol to facilitate, verify, or enforce negotiation or performance of a contract.

Simple Payment Verification

  • Executes smart contracts from lite wallets.

Decentralized Applications

  • Window to the distributed new Htmlcoin network to be able to create smart contracts and other more fully fledged complex EVM apps.
  • Greatly extends the network’s capabilities.

Account Abstraction Layer

  • Htmlcoin’s extension to Bitcoin’s “Script” language sits between the blockchain and EVM, allowing decentralized applications and smart contracts to run in environments that were not possible before.

HTMLCOIN Foundation (Team)

Amando Boncales (BA, Grad. Cert. Distance Ed., Grad. Cert. Museum, MS Ed, MA, PhDc.) is the founder and CEO of Htmlcoin and the Htmlcoin Foundation. His philosophy behind the Foundation has been to create a community that will develop, enhance, support, and promote Htmlcoin with a shared sense of pride and purpose. Boncales regards the Htmlcoin Foundation as a family.

The other core Foundation member is Zac Smith (BIT, MSCSIA) the Executive Vice-President of Educational Technology, This lindividual brings experience to Htmlcoin as well as a shared passion for, and knowledge of, the cryptocurrency world.


Mining Pools

  • 7000pool
  • Turtleminers
  • Brblocks (SSL Certificate)
  • Goldmin
  • Html.hashhot


  • Coinpayments
  • Casheerapp
  • Cold Cryptos
  • ComKort
  • BTC Market
  • Bleutrade


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