Ethereum Based Tokens

Ethereum based tokens are smart contracts that implement the ERC20 Token Standard.

See Supported ERC20 Tokens for the list of tokens that will be migrated into the table and linked pages below.

Major Tokens Implemented On Ethereum

Symbol Name Wiki Page Address Decimals Notes
FSBT FortySeven 0x1ed7ae1f0e2fa4276dd7ddc786334a3df81d50c0 18
TCHN Tachain 0x5036aa791115ad4d35493de68b5529648a36de8e 18
1ST First Blood 0xaf30d2a7e90d7dc361c8c4585e9bb7d2f6f15bc7 18
Arcade City 0xac709fcb44a43c35f0da4e3163b117a17f3770f5 18 Convert to SWT Swarm City Token
DAO The DAO 0xbb9bc244d798123fde783fcc1c72d3bb8c189413 16 Discontinued due to the hack on June 17 2016. Investors are being refunded
DGD DigixDAO 0xe0b7927c4af23765cb51314a0e0521a9645f0e2a 9
Digix DAO Badge 0x54bda709fed875224eae569bb6817d96ef7ed9ad 9
EDG Edgeless 0x08711d3b02c8758f2fb3ab4e80228418a7f8e39c 0 Cannot be transferred before 16:00 Mar 21 2017 UTC
GNT Golem Network Token Golem Worldwide Supercomputer 0xa74476443119a942de498590fe1f2454d7d4ac0d 18 Partially implements the ERC20 Token Standard
Hacker Gold 0x14f37b574242d366558db61f3335289a5035c506 3 The address points to the upgraded token contract without the bug
ICN ICONOMI 0x888666ca69e0f178ded6d75b5726cee99a87d698 18
Maker DAO 0xc66ea802717bfb9833400264dd12c2bceaa34a6d 18
MLN Melon Token 0xbeb9ef514a379b997e0798fdcc901ee474b6d9a1 18 MLN tokens cannot be transferred before Mar 15 2017 @ 11:00am (UTC)
Pluton 0xd8912c10681d8b21fd3742244f44658dba12264e 18
Ripto Bux 0x74aca0f1a40f7e0f3845dadf52c65060de7749af 8 Note that this is a dual Waves/Ethereum token
REP Augur 0x48c80f1f4d53d5951e5d5438b54cba84f29f32a5 18
SNGLS SingularDTV Token SingularDTV 0xaec2e87e0a235266d9c5adc9deb4b2e29b54d009 0
Swarm City Token 0xb9e7f8568e08d5659f5d29c4997173d84cdf2607 18 Convert from ARC – Arcade City tokens
Time 0x6531f133e6DeeBe7F2dcE5A0441aA7ef330B4e53 8
Unicorn 🦄 0x89205a3a3b2a69de6dbf7f01ed13b2108b2c43e7 0
vSlice 0x5c543e7ae0a1104f78406c340e9c64fd9fce5170 18
Waves Bitcoin Token 0xd23f2533b726c9cb1fb9ed109b82e5a8f01c881e 8 Note that this is a dual Waves/Ethereum token
Waves Community Token 0x9453be6fd512c7d4c97658f856c863bdc88496f3 2 Note that this is a dual Waves/Ethereum token
Kinesis Velocity Token [1] 2 Note that this is an Ethereum token

MYT Myart Blockchain 0xc711348eb06f6918f8eae66ce3fcf4747345d78e 2 Note that this is a Ethereum token

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