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Buy Ethereum– the purchase of “ether”, a cryptocurrency which is used in Ethereum blockchain. “ether” itself is an investment tool – its capitalization volume is on the second place after Bitcoin; by price, the cryptocurrency is also among the leaders. Besides that, the “ether” is needed for the purchase of tokens of the ICOs that are carried out on smart contracts of Ethereum blockchain platform[1].


Algorithm of buying “ether”

  • Step 1. Choosing and opening a wallet
  • Step 2. Choosing an exchange
  • Step 3. Buying “ether

Choosing and opening a wallet

For the storage of “ether”, a cryptocurrency wallet is needed. It is recommended to use MIST wallets and Ethereum Wallet, which can be downloaded from the official website These are the desktop wallets, i.e. a lot of space on the hard disk of your PC is required for their work – a whole blockchain file is downloaded to it. Another option is a “light” MyEtherWallet, which also has a browser version. The essence of the wallet is that, in order to use it, it is not necessary to download the whole blockchain file – only blocks necessary for your transactions are enough.

There are also multicurrency wallets – for example, Exodus, Jaxx or Metamask (browser wallet). They are worth using if your interests are not limited only to investing in “ether” or ICO The simplest, but also insecure wallets are the online wallets (, Cryptonator) or wallets bound to the accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges (Coinbase). All of the information protecting these wallets (first of all, a private key), is not kept by a wallet owner, but on the server of the website itself. This makes it an attractive target for hackers, which is why the exchanges are constantly under attack.

After downloading, installing the wallet and registration in the system you receive the wallet’s number, as well as a public and a private key. The public key is a file with the information about all operations with the wallet. This information is available to all blockchain users. The private key is an alphanumeric code which “opens” the wallet, and shall be possessed by you only. It’s better not to store this data on a computer, it is recommended to print out or write down the key. [2].

Choosing an exchange or exchanger

When the wallet is ready for use, you can purchase “ether” to it. It can be done through the cryptocurrency exchanges (it is better to choose verified exchanges like Coinbase or ) or exchangers. You can choose an optimal and profitable rate with the help of special services which compare different offers of various exchangers – for example: Bestchange[3].

Buying “ether”

You can buy “ether” through exchanges or exchangers with bank cards, e-wallets and online payment services. “Ether” is bought for rubles, hryvnias, dollars or other fiat currencies – the whole list should be checked with a specific seller.

At the moment of purchase you specify the number of your wallet. After the transaction’s completion, the “ether” appears there. Since it comes to a blockchain operation, it may take some time for it[4].

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