This page intends to list all available quotes from x, an entity who is speculated to be Satoshi Nakamoto.



2002-12-09 22:06:03

I have this idea of a future with virtual peer to peer banking. A kind of decentralized and secured system. Gone would be the times that governments and banks can track and interfere with our money transfers. Or even interfere with the total amount of money on earth. My envisioned sytem would have a fixed total amount of money. But each money unit (say virtual coin) is divisable indefinitely. So a kind of deflation would replace inflation. The total value of the money in the world would be a fixed number. It poses no problem for liquidity, because the currency can be divided anytime. However maybe people will not spend their money much, because it’s value will increase often. Other problems raise in the areas of security, malicious use, and how to come towards such system from current systems? These are just ideas, I like to hear comments or about net resources on this subject.

2002-12-10 10:47:56

Maybe the community can bypass the old powers (countries and governments). It wouldn’t be a revolution, but rather evolution. Slowly a new p2p system might take over. The current monetary systems were mainly backed with gold (not anymore now, to my knowledge). Maybe the underlying values of a virtual peer to peer system could be other scarce resources, relatively easy to exchange via internet. Examples are: computer processing power, bandwith and data storage. These resources would make a limited peer to peer money exchange system possible. Limited to the total real life value of all these resources. However from that point other resources could back up the virtual currency…

2002-12-10 11:06:11

It is a step in the right direction indeed. Now replace the system operator by a secure peer to peer system. And replace the underlying currency with something else, or slowly uncouple the underlying currency. Then it would be the system of my ideas…



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