AssetStream is a global decentralized peer-to-peer microfinance platform, replacing intermediaries with Blockchain technology.


Inspiration and mission

AssetStream’s vision is to create a sustainable microfinance platform based on Blockchain technology. AssetStream was inspired by the “International Year of Microcredit”— dedicated by the U.N. back in 2005—and Muhammad Yunus, a Bangladeshi social entrepreneur who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize jointly with the Grameen Bank in 2006 “for their efforts through microcredit to create economic and social development from below”.


AssetStream aims to reduce poverty and bring financial inclusion by providing unbanked people with access to financial services. It will expand it to a full P2P network which will include the local communities that can take personal loans. AssetStream aims to create an extensive micro-financing ecosystem and will raise financial awareness among our clients through consulting services and educational materials. It will be able to bring financially excluded people to the new global economy through blockchain.

AssetStream’s platform will be able to include the following benefits:

1. Credit Rating and Badge System – A badge system will be provided to represent borrower behavior. This will reflect the credit rating system of the borrowers. For example, if a user has several good behavior badges, such as“paying the loan on time”, compared to a user who has a bad behavior badge such as “defaulting on loans”, the lenders’ sentiment might lean towards lending borrowers with good behavior badges.

2. Immutable credit data – Borrowers will not be able to reverse or erase their credit history

3. Transparency – AssetStream’s smart contract operates in real time and expected obligations are transparent to all involved parties.

4. Two options for Lenders are provided in the platform:

  • Handpicking – The lenders have a choice to decide which borrowers get the loan based on the borrowers’ criteria.
  • Automatic matching – The lenders will trigger a matching system when they fill up the desired criteria they want for the loan and AssetStream platform will match the criteria to the specific borrower.

5. Lower transaction costs – AssetStream’s platform will be using the existing infrastructure and will bring out convenience for borrowers living in rural areas. This will lower overhead and transaction costs.

By using blockchain technology for microfinancing, AssetStream will create a layer of trust and security between borrowers and lenders. It is a new paradigm of the finance business to connect with the individual lender while enabling a new source of finances for small enterprises to fuel global economic growth anywhere, anytime.

Crypto Badges

AssetStream is promoting transparency in the crypto space and was awarded the Competition-verified Badge by Crypto-Potential[1]:

Competition-verified badge, The project has done market and competition analysis.




  • Four co-founders founded the AssetStream project as a great potential solution for the low-income communities in developing countries who are struggling with the loan shark problem.


  • After fundamental researches, a proof of concept had been created.
  • The proof of concept reached legal and technical viability
  • During this period the AssetStream project evolved from a potential side project to a fully self-funded project, geared towards launching in 2019.


  • The recruitment team recruits professionals and specialists from Belgium, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and many more locations around the world



  • Start the development process of the AssetStream platform prototype.
  • Selected Thailand as flagship region due to compliance of the law, norm, customer behavior, market size.


  • Reached the demonstration version of platform infused with blockchain technology.
  • Approached potential partners with the demonstration version of the platform.
  • Reached an agreement with the first strategic partners, Thailand PICO Finance Association (Consists out of about 500 moneylending companies)


  • Approached the public as the AssetStream Platform aiming towards offering an alternative finance solution to customers in developing countries.
  • Attended Hong Kong Fintech week 2018.
  • Attended as one of the premium exhibitors at Consensus 2018 Singapore.
  • Attended as one of the speakers during ‘Blockchain Innovation Tour’ promoting the AssetStream platform in Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore.



  • AssetStream Platform, with its strategic partners (Finanigo, Pico Finance Association Thailand), held the press conference event in Target market.
  • Determined the Launching date of the AssetStream Platform and ‘AssetStream Token (AST)’ Token distribution.
  • Started online advertising and public relation campaigns.
  • Launch AssetStream social channels including Youtube, Facebook Fanpage, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram Group, WeChat, Line Official.
  • Started development of AssetStream platform mobile version.
  • Contributing Money/Blockchain expos around the world to meet the potential investors and platform, users in person.


  • May– ‘AssetStream Token (AST)’ Token Distribution takes place.
  • June – The AssetStream Platform is fully operational.
  • July – AssetStream’s first monthly payout to Lender.
  • AssetStream project moving toward Thailand market needs.
  • Listing ‘AssetStream Token(AST)’ on external 3rd party Exchange.
  • Contribute Money/Blockchain expos around the globe to meet the potential investors and platform, users in person.


  • Announce the 2nd and 3rd target market (Potentially Vietnam, Philippines) with its strategic partners.
  • AssetStream Platform with its strategic partners holds a press conference event in both target market.
  • Contribute Money/Blockchain expos around the globe to meet the potential investors and platform, users in person.


  • October – New volume of ‘AssetStream Token (AST)’ Token Distribution takes place*
  • November– Platform functions for 2nd and 3rd target are fully operational.
  • December– 2nd and 3rd target market first monthly payout to its lenders.
  • Contribute Money/Blockchain expos around the globe to meet the potential investors and platform users in person.



  • AssetStream Platform beta test the features of peer to peer lending and start launching from the best situation of the target market.
  • AssetStream becomes a fully functioning versatile global lending platform, alongside with the partners.
  • Launching of AssetStream platform on mobile to the available market.


  • Together with its local strategic partners, AssetStream expands its territory of services.
  • The AssetStream platform can expand itself entering credit scoring, banking business based on user data of the platform.
  • Pursue the social mission, a social enterprise, to apply basic financial education to developing countries to help prevent people from making financial mistakes and reduce reliability on loan sharks which improves the overall living quality


AssetStream is a team of experts that have vast experience within the emerging market.

Name Role Description LinkedIn
Thanin Phiromward Founder, Head Of IT & Development CEO of Electronics Extreme Company, a leading online game publisher and developer in Southeast Asia. The gaming industry’s most highly-valued skills involved leading all kinds of programmers and he is a founder and technical leader of several high-tech projects. More than 10 years’ experience in the IT sphere.
Ken Phiromward Co-founder, Head Of Strategy & Marketing Managing director who leads operations manager and marketing strategist at Electronics Extreme Company. Strongly vast experiences within the emerging market. and with a good knowledge of global innovation processes and financial business analytics.
Didier Bosmans Co-founder, Head Of Communications Didier is Head Of Communication and Co-Founder of AssetStream. He has a dual degree in Marketing and Public Relations from Karel de Grote Hogeschool and University College Thomas More. He worked as a marketing and communication consultant for the Cronos group, the largest Belgian IT group.
Tun Santianuchit Co-founder, Managing Partner Business development more than 6 years’ experience across global brands. Strategy and operations consulting in various industries. His specialist experience in digital marketing, branding, public and investor relations, and community
Nutthapon Siripaiboon Senior Manager, Application Development Experienced Game Producers or Development Directors. Over 10-year veteran in the IT industry. He possesses in-depth knowledge and great expertise in User Experience Design, User Interface Design and Data Security.
Chuthiya Pitthayapituk Senior Manager, Project Management Marketing and project management specialist with a good knowledge of the digital technologies and well familiar with a full scope of marketing activities and project management processes.
Atiwat Yuwitaya Manager, Business Development Project Feasibility study, Financial Calculation, Problem Solving is a core responsibility for Business Development Manager at AssetStream. With experience working as an Investment Consultant at Finansia Syrus Securities, One of the top leaders securities brokerage in Thailand. Assistant Financial Manager and Strategic Marketing Executive at Electronics Extreme company.
Dr. Chatchai Thnarudee Advisor, Ceo, JP Insurance Dr. Chatchai Thnarudee is a strategic, innovative and transformational business leader with over 22 years’ experience including managing global teams and having international leadership experiences in the USA, New Zealand, Cambodia, China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Myanmar and Thailand, and across industries: Banking, Insurance, Oil & Gas, Energy, Management & Strategy Consulting, Organizational Change Management & Transformation Consulting, Manufacturing, Start-up, Digital & Information Technology. He also brings with proven experience in effectively implementing digital and business strategy for multinational Fortune100, large-sized, SME-sized and startup firms, as well as building world-class organization at the global, regional and business unit levels.
Sean Kor Advisor, Co-founder, Trinide Sean’s background in computing and four years of experience in the blockchain industry enable him to provide unique insights in the evolving technology sector, solidifying the fundamentals of Trinide — a technology consultancy firm that helps traditional industry leaders with their digital transformation and transition into a blockchain-powered ecosystem.
Karnika E. Yashwant (Mr. Key) Advisor, Founder & CEO, Key Difference Media KEY is one of the rare genuine Blockchain and “crypto” authorities. While many have stepped on the stage since the technology’s mainstream growth –KEY has been investing in, working with, advising and running campaigns for industry projects since 2013. He’s a multi-award winning entrepreneur and CEO and holds an advisory or executive position in some of the top industry brands (including NewsBTC). His firm, KEY Difference Media, has been recognized in dozens of “top ICO firms” and “top ICO advisor” lists across the years. Furthermore, KEY is genuinely passionate about the opportunities provided by the Blockchain technology. He speaks at universities and business clubs regularly and has authored countless industry articles that can be found online.
Jun Chi Advisor, Co-founder, Trinide A blockchain advocate with a strong background in engineering. Jun Chi is responsible for implementing strategic initiatives and solutions for companies. His strength lies in developing relationships, lead generation, and sales. He currently holds a bachelor of engineering.