Bitcoin Charity Organization (BCO) is a worldwide non-profit organization which promote access to medical services and ensure that life-saving therapies for children continue to be developed. BCO aim to ease the difficulties of accessing medical care for children and their families.



Bitcoin Charity Organization helps children with severe diseases. Their treatment requires extremely large costs, but parents and relatives do not have enough funds for it. The purpose of this website is to use the current excitement about Bitcoin to remind people that even as our technological advances continue, BCO helps to remember that there are always those who are in need of help.



Bitcoin Charity Organization add only real and confirmed members! All applications and personal info is checking manually to avoid fraud.


Donations are accepted in bitcoin. Bitcoin is decentralized digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Bitcoin transaction fees are lowest among all payment systems, all features of bitcoin make it the most convenient for charity donations, due to bitcoin protocol, everyone can see all donations using block explorers. BCO shows real value of bitcoin that can be used for peaceful purposes for the benefit of children.


  • Sharing project on social networks;
  • Placing it on your own projects (site, forum, blog etc.);
  • Making donation to members of BCO.

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