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Take a look on the article with the latest crypto news and Bitcoin news on BitcoinWiki. There is the list of press, bitcoin live news websites and telegram channels, chats.


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English-language — interviews with “superheroes” of the crypto world, inner workings of the project, success stories. — the news section of one of the main Bitcoin platforms,, combining the mining pool and crypto wallet service. — fresh news and analytics, over 7 million visitors monthly. — a news source for beginners. — an authoritative website with news and analytics, founded in 2014. — an online magazine about blockchain and crypto currencies, founded in 2012 by Vitalik Buterin, the Ethereum developer and Mihai Alise. — a news section of the project issuing the same-name cryptocurrency. — one of the largest information portals about cryptocurrency. — the latest news from the world of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. — the resource covers the topics of fintech, blockchain and Bitcoin. — an aggregator of news about Ethereum and blockchain infrastructure. — an aggregator of news about the crypto currencies. and blockchain – cryptocurrency growth and capitalization mapping

Russian-language — the largest information resource about cryptocurrencies and blockchain in Russia. — a website that covers the blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies. and related topics: the history and operating mechanisms of money systems, modern financial technologies (fintech), peering technologies, cypherpunk and Austrian economics, questions of copyrights and freedom in the Internet, futurology and transhumanism. — a Russian-language website dedicated to Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. One of the oldest thematic resources in the Russian-language segment of the Internet. — one of the largest RuNet resources about digital currencies, fintech trends and financial innovations. — an online magazine with the news, analytics and expert opinions. Review – blog about Bitcoin from the author of the book “Bitcoin for everyone”.


Web — anonymous imageboard forum dedicate to the cryptocurrencies. — a Russian-language forum about cryptocurrencies. — the largest community about blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. It has been existed from the very beginning of the Bitcoin appearance, created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. – the forum of the Project. — collection of materials on — question-and-answer service about Bitcoin. — a Russian-language group about Bitcoin on — a group on Facebook, dedicated to Bitcoin.

Search Engine — a crypto coin search engine like google for cryptocurrencies.

Telegram channels and chats — catalog of all Telegram channels about cryptocurrencies. — a channel about cryptocurrencies. — a news channel about Bitcoin. — news about the Ethereum Project. — an official chat of the CryptoHackers Project. — a chat community about Bitcoin and Bitcoin Core. — a chat of the blog platform “Golos” about cryptocurrencies. — news from German Klimenko, the Russian president’s adviser about the Internet development. — the latest news from the world of Bitcoin, blockchain and online business in general. — an English-language channel with news and analytic about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. — a Russian-language aggregator of news about cryptocurrencies an blockchain technologies. — a Telegram channel of the “Cryptojournal” information resource ». — the most current news about ICO, blockchains and startups, copyrighted materials.

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