Bitcoin Wednesday

Bitcoin Wednesday is a global meetup event scheduled for the first Wednesday of every month.

The genesis of this event was a forum post highlighting the coincidental synchronicity of nearly a dozen local bitcoin meetups.

If you are a member of any of the local bitcoin meetups, you should make every effort to promote a special meeting for Bitcoin Wednesday.

Add your city here, or on the discussion for this event.


Start Your Own Local Community

  1. Find a good location. It helps if the meeting place is accessible, has WiFi, and food and beverages. The merchant does not have to accept Bitcoin yet.
  2. Add your city to the list. Also announce your meetings in the forum topic.
  3. Invite local Bitcoin people. Some great resources to find locals are, and You may also find numerous regional groups on social media sites like Reddit, Facebook, and Google Plus.
  4. Show up and have fun. If the meeting spot merchant will allow it, consider making a banner/display that identifies your group as Bitcoin friendly. This will advertise your presence to other patrons and generate more interest.

Event Agenda Ideas

  • Socialize with other great people interested in Bitcoin: Newcomers, gurus and early pioneers, writers, entrepreneurs, economists, investors, activists, etc. Celebrities have been known to drop in on these events. Don’t see someone you think should be there, just bring them along.
  • Learn more and teach others.
  • Buy, sell, barter. Keep the coins circulating in the community.
  • Talk about how to spread Bitcoin to more people, more businesses.
  • Engage in fascinating conversations.
  • Demonstrate or pitch your latest Bitcoin project.
  • Hold presentations and debates.
  • Indulge in good food and drink.

Cities With Bitcoin Wednesday


See Also on BitcoinWiki

City Description
Amsterdam Talks and drinks organized by PikaPay
Las Vegas Bitcoin Lunch Mobs every Wednesday
Sydney General Bitcoin-related discussion.
Vancouver General Bitcoin-related discussion.
Munich General Bitcoin-related discussion.
Pittsburgh General Bitcoin-related discussion.
Toronto General Bitcoin-related discussion.
Austin General Bitcoin-related discussion.
Paris General Bitcoin-related discussion.
Buenos Aires General Bitcoin-related discussion.
Cinncinnatti General Bitcoin-related discussion.
Stockholm Lunch with general Bitcoin-related discussion.