Bleutrade is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in March 2014 in Brazil. This platform allows users to carry out trading exclusively with the crypto currency, and does not have the opportunity to work with fiat money. The platform lacks the possibility of margin trading. Some compensation for the absence of a currency on the server is a large selection of coins. On Bleutrade users can trade 55 currencies, and 1485 combinations of pairs.



The platform cooperates with ICO projects, and supports their tokens, so the list of available coins for trading can vary depending on how successful new projects are. The most popular coins are: Litecoin, Ethereum, Mooncoin, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Zetacoin, Trollcoin, Blackcoin, and CLAMS. At the moment, the volume of trading per day is more than $400,000, this indicates a certain drop in turnover, since even in the winter it was possible to observe an increase to $700,000 per day. Thus, since February of this year, Bleutrade’s positions in the world rating has fallen from 125 place to 141 place, which is indicated by the data of the CoinMarketCap service. In this regard, developers most actively promote their trading platform in social networks, attracting new traders.


Registration on the server is standard. To start using the platform users need to enter an e-mail address in the special form, to come up with a username and password. Verification will be the next step. This procedure now becomes mandatory for most trading floors and is controlled at the state level. To pass verification, users must fill out the form in their personal account, indicating the name, date of birth and the actual address of residence. In addition, it is necessary to send a scan of the passport and photo with the document in hand. A non-verified user has the opportunity to trade with a minimum limit of funds. Like many platforms, this exchange uses two-phase authentication, and practically the entire amount of funds is stored in so-called cold wallets.

Input and output of funds

To replenish the deposit there are no commissions, but for withdrawing funds from the account, the commission will be 0.25%. However, such a rate is not constant, and the exchange has a floating interest rate policy, which can vary depending on the monthly turnover of trades, and range from 0.2% to 0.5%. Since the support of fiat currency is not provided, users can withdraw and enter funds only in the crypto currency. Currency USD, EUR and RUB is presented only as an indicator of value. There are restrictions on the withdrawal of funds, which are characterized by different levels of verification. To withdraw from the account of $5000 it will be necessary to pass a check of mail and telephone number. For larger amounts users will need to provide an ID scan.

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