logo is a service where you can open the wallets of the major cryptocurrencies. After registration, you have access to three wallets: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin.


The number of its users is growing every day, and during its work the service has made more than 3 billion operations! The service requires two signatures for the transaction, which allows account holders to be sure that the funds can not be debited anywhere without their knowledge. The service does not take an internal commission for the operations, payment for manners varies and at the time of writing the article is about 0.003 BTC per transaction.

Main information

  • Country: South Korea
  • Cost: $ million
  • Date: 15-Jul-2016
  • Investors: Samsung SDS

History was announced on Reddit on August, 19 2014 [1] The developer is Atif Nazir.


  • Developer API
  • Label Addresses
  • Multi-currency

Registration of the wallet

How to get Wallet Address

How to register a bitcoin wallet on the website

  1. Actually go to the website, where you will have a hosted bitcoin wallet.
  2. In the upper right corner click Register. In the form that opens, fill in your mail (which will serve as a login to enter the Cabinet) and enter the password, click Register.
  3. t the top will pop up a green window about the successful registration and a lot of blocks with the choice of account (this is a business package for mass payments) you choose a beginner or click skip.
  4. A window will open with a special words, if you have enabled online translator click show original and make saccente. These words need to restore wallet. Once saved, put a check and click next.
  5. On this and all, you will see a greeting that the wallet is ready. Right in the center will be located in your bitcoin address, this is roughly of the form: 3MuKTUz35myoz2L4VUHWuM0bdXq2YJUucw. Copy it and save it in the details so that you do not have to log in to the wallet every time, if you need to paste it somewhere in the project or send it to someone to send you bitcoins.
  6. To send bitcoins you need to click on the square with the plane. Enter the upper line of the amount in the average bitcoin wallet to send money to the third line of the secret pin code that you need to create in advance.

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