bZx is a next generation protocol which empowers decentralized technology to provide safer lending, cheaper trading and more liquidity. It is built on Ethereum and integrated with the 0x protocol and it is providing p2p margin funding and trading. This will integrate with existing wallets and switch your existing Ethereum wallet into a decentralized unBank account.

Development Status

Smart contracts: Fully functional on Mainnet.

Javascript libray: Written, documentation still pending.

Portal dApp: Easy to use, extremely smooth, no visible bugs. Powered by the bZx javascript library.

The protocol can be accessed at their website ( and is currently being integrated into Bamboo Relay and Instex.


Tom Bean: CEO and Founder Tom has spent over 15 years developing and leading teams. He was Lead Developer at HERE, a multi-billion dollar consortium of German car companies (BMW, Audi, Daimler) specializing in GPS technology, before co-founding bZx. Tom graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Computer Engineering before later receiving his MBA. He built the bZx protocol from the ground up in Solidity in addition to co-authoring the whitepaper.

Kyle Kistner: CVO and Founder Kyle is the lead author and architect of the whitepaper. MSc in Computational and Molecular Biology. PhD track dropout. Microeconomics nerd. He has been following blockchain with an academic interest since 2011 and has been critical to the inception and execution of the project. He directs his strengths in analysis and synthesis toward decentralized system design.

Adrian Li: Senior Developer Adrian is a mechanical engineer, author, lawyer, and developer. He has worked as a technical consultant for multiple YCombinator and Techstars companies including Trusu, branch8, Robin, and Syncspot. Adrian helped develop the bZx portal dApp and bZx.js library.

Casey Fallon: Senior Designer Casey handles branding, design, and production. An illustrator and graphic designer by training, he maintains a consistent brand and strives to promote and communicate what bZx is and does through cutting edge design influenced by both disciplines.

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