CoinEgg is a European professional blockchain trading platform. It started its work in the field of cryptocurrency transactions support in 2013 in England. Two main markets are involved in trading processes: BTC and USC. The platform does not consider bidding with fiat funds.



The information on the website is available in English and Chinese. The resource, for the convenience of the analysis, is provided with statistical information in the form of a variety of charts of currency turnover, minimum and maximum prices, their dynamics and depth of the market.

Working with cryptocurrency is carried out in browser, but the exchange supports the classic mobile trading. Available applications for Android and iOS, different convenient and clear functionality that allows users to trade virtual currency from their phone anywhere in the world. In addition to the application, the exchange has its own Telegram channel, where users can see the quotes in a convenient format for mobile phones.


Trading on the platform and external transactions are supported only in cryptocurrency, since the exchange does not have its own tools for working with fiat funds. On the other hand, this approach guarantees anonymity when making transactions within the platform, as well as reduces the time required to Deposit and withdraw funds. Currency storage is carried out on the company’s accounts.

The key factor of the platform is the low commission on the transaction, regardless of the trading participant, both the creation and execution of the order is subject to 0.1% of its size. The size of the commission is not affected by the personal trading turnover of the trader. No fee is charged for account replenishment regardless of the instrument used. For the withdrawal of funds, the system takes a commission depending on a specific token: on average 1%, for VTS, ETN, ETS, VSN, LTC — a fixed payment, for NEO and KTC — is not charged.

More than 40 trading instruments are available for traders. The exchange supports both leading virtual currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as quite popular and promising altcoins: from Ripple to Docademic.

There is a clear trend of the exchange against the PTS. As has been said, CoinEgg offers no integration type of fiat currency. Even the slightly controversial tether tokens (USDT – cryptocurrency supported by USD) are not listed.

Leverage is not provided. CoinEgg does not allow traders to borrow money, which allows more aggressive speculation. However, this leads to the fact that users are limited by the available amount of money and deprived of the opportunity to organize profitable large transactions due to borrowed assets.


Trading on the exchange is carried out on 3 main markets: VTS, ETN, USC. Trade against Ethereum presents slightly for transactions available only 5 trading tools. When choosing each market, traders are offered a list of assets, as well as primary statistical information: the last price, the price of the token in dollars, the price change, the highest/lowest price for the last 24 hours, the volume of trading on the pair, the price trend for the last 3 days. This allows users to evaluate the feasibility of trading without moving to a specific asset.

The choice of a particular pair takes the user to schedule the movement of the currency rate. If necessary, users can switch to the depth of the market. Below there are orders for the sale and purchase of cryptocurrency, depth of market, as well as trading history.

A special price chart is available for professional traders, which can be customized. Users are provided with the main indicators that allow technical analysis.

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