CoinLoan is a regulated European crypto-lending platform initially designed as a P2P service. CoinLoan operates in 160+ countries, including the US, UK, and major EU countries.



Regulation & Security

CoinLoan is regulated under the license of the Estonian Financial Authority with headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia.

BitGo Custody provides security for digital assets. All funds are covered by $100 million insurance from Lloyds. InCore Bank AG safeguards the clients’ fiat deposits.

Founded in 2017, CoinLoan claims to have a clean market reputation. The company runs a bug bounty program to ensure its security resistance to assault attempts.

CoinLoan Services

CoinLoan offers several various types of services, like interest-earning accounts (CoinLoan Earn), instant loans (CoinLoan Borrow), and a set of crypto assets managing options like instant swaps, fiat purchases & payouts (CoinLoan Trade). The entire platform’s functionality is accessed through a simple verification process (KYC), which takes only a matter of minutes. CoinLoan is available both on Web and iOS/Android mobile devices.

CoinLoan Earn

CoinLoan Earn is a brand name for the platform’s interest account feature that offers up to 12.3% APY for EUR, GBP, and several popular stablecoins such as USDT, BUSD, and DAI. The complete list includes 15+ digital assets and is continuously extending.


CoinLoan Earn allows depositors to earn daily interest without locking the funds or fines for early withdrawal. The interest is paid in the deposited currency.

CoinLoan Borrow

CoinLoan Borrow provides access to crypto-backed loans both in digital assets and fiat money. The loan is delivered instantly and depends on the collateral volume.


The interest depends on the chosen combination of borrowed and provided assets, loan period duration (1 to 36 months), and the LTV (Loan-to-Value) ratio. LTV can be set between 20 and 70% level.

In case of crypto market growth, the platform allows users to cover the remaining part of a loan in advance without paying the rest of the interest.

CoinLoan Trade

CoinLoan Trade is a set of crypto-to-crypto, crypto-to-fiat, and fiat-to-crypto exchange options.

The platform allows instant exchange operations for 140+ crypto pairs. CoinLoan users can also purchase and sell cryptocurrencies worldwide for fiat money through SWIFT, SEPA, and bank cards.

CoinLoan Token (CLT)

$CLT is the platform’s native ERC-20 token, offering better interest rates for CoinLoan users. For instance, staking CLT adds 2% above the annual interest rate and lowers the borrowing fees paid in CLT by 50%.

CLT token is traded on several major exchange platforms, including Bittrex, Uniswap, HitBTC, Hotbit.

Affiliate program

CoinLoan has an affiliate program offering lifetime revenue.

As of May 2021, the participants are promised to gain 0.2% from any referral’s loan or exchange transaction and a 0.1% monthly bonus from their Interest Account deposits.

The bonus payments are delivered in USDC to the affiliate’s CoinLoan wallet.

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