“The Cyphernomicon” is a document written by Timothy C. May in 1994 for the Cypherpunks , outlining some ideas behind, and the effects of, crypto-anarchism. It constitutes one of the philosophy’s founding documents, advocating anonymous digital currency and , and touching on more esoteric topics, such as .

The document is written and formatted as a lengthy FAQ. It contains many short notes on ideas, questions and claims ordered in sections. It also contains May’s 1992 essay “The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto”, in section 16.4.2.


<pre> 16.2 – SUMMARY: Crypto Anarchy

16.2.1. Main Points

- "...when you want to smash the State, everything looks like a hammer." - strong crypto as the "building material" for cyberspace (making the walls, the support beams, the locks) 

16.2.2. Connections to Other Sections

- this section ties all the other sections together 

16.2.3. Where to Find Additional Information

- again, almost nothing written on this - Vinge, Friedman, Rand, etc. 

16.2.4. Miscellaneous Comments

- a very long section, possibly confusing to many 



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