Ethos is a cryptocurrency that classifies itself as people-powered. The ICO took place in June and July of 2017. As of early 2018 Ethos is among the TOP 100 cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization.



Platform Ethos was created in the middle of 2017 by group of professional developers with extensive experience in the field of promotion and support of decentralized applications built on the blockchain, under the leadership of General Director Shingo Lavine. Ehtos is a universal cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to make quick financial transactions with many types of crypto-coins through computer SOFTWARE or mobile API-application. The main idea of the project is to create a new digital cryptosystem that will increase the availability of ordinary users to the cryptocurrency market, as well as provide the highest level of security for internal transactions. The system uses the cryptocurrency Ethereum, built on the multi-functional blockchain Ethereum, which allows to make transactions with smart contracts.

Main components

The Ethos platform consists of several dependent software modules:

  • Universal Ethos e-wallet, which allows users to quickly interact with each other and monitor transactions online. Ethos system offers to make secure financial transactions with any crypto assets, and there is no possibility to enter the user’s account without his consent. The new platform does not have different locks, as in the existing payment systems, so each project participant can conduct any transactions without the intervention of anyone. It is also possible to track the process of diversification of its investment portfolio, from Deposit to the final distribution of funds in different assets
  • The social investment network (Crypto Investing Social) connects novice users of the crypto-currency world with professional investors and developers of blockchain projects. Thus, the authoritative participants of the project will be able to share their knowledge and earn electronic coins, helping members of the community to understand the aspects of digital crypto assets to assess the attractiveness of a particular crypto coin for investment
  • The Ethos token is an integral part of the system, and its use is mandatory for the use of the Ethos platform. Ethos crypto-coins are used to access various functions, provide material incentives to account holders and create a progressive incentive system.


  • Ethos creates a system that provides an independent center of interaction for all crypto assets, and its main advantages are:
  • a multi-currency crypto-wallet that provides secure storage of supported crypto-assets with the ability to perform instant financial transactions
  • social network (Crypto Investing Social), which allows inexperienced users to quickly learn the basic principles of working with cryptocurrencies, and professionals to earn on training of project participants
  • investment Fund (gateway Flat), performing automatic diversification of the Deposit
  • a single hardware smart key to access all user cryptocotyle analogous to the Ledger device, which provides the highest level of security for storage of assets
  • the ability to identify users of Ethos Premium wallets in the blockchain network for safe work with large organizations and state authorities, allowing to transfer money through mobile devices, e-mail or account ID-number
  • simple user interface designed for novice participants. To make the API-application as clear as possible, a whole group of highly professional web-designers with extensive experience was hired

ICO, crypto-exchanges, storage wallets

After the pre-sale of tokens at a price of $ 0.03 for 1 ETHOS, the coin was placed on the Binance cryptocurrency platform (at an initial price of $0.068), where the largest trading volume with this asset is now taking place, and the price is at the level of about $3. Further listing was made on the sites HitBTC, Bithumb, Livecoin, IDEX, CoinExchange, Radar Relay, Cobinhood. The issue of new coins is limited, and a total of 222 295 208 tokens will be issued, which will be distributed in the system as follows:

  • 30% for Pre-ICO and main sales round (crowdsale)
  • 30% is allocated to the further development of the ecosystem, and the development team
  • 40% reserve Fund to support a stable exchange rate of e-currency, in case of serious shocks on cryptocurrency trading platforms

The Ethereum cryptocurrency was created on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain, so it is possible to use any crypto-coins supporting the tokens of the ERC20 modification or the Ethos platform itself for storage.

Development team

  • The founder of the company is an expert in the field of distributed applications and investment in cryptocurrency Shingo Avalanche, who gathered a group of professional experts to implement their ideas and launch a new platform. Shingo also worked as a teacher at an online school for training in marketing and selection of highly qualified personnel with a total number of students of more than 20,000
  • Stephen Corliss is a co-founder of the project, working in senior positions of branches of large corporations such as Merrill Lynch and Black Rock, is engaged in providing liquidity of Ethos cryptocurrency and placing coins on the world’s largest trading platforms
  • Tim Simmons, who participated in the development of high-budget decentralized IT projects ZScaler and ITrade, is working to improve the blockchain and improve the functioning of the entire ecosystem
  • Kevin Dean Pettit, a highly professional investor engaged in the development of the Flat investment Fund by improving the technology of the platform for competent automatic diversification of the invested funds of the system participants


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