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Experience Points is a cryptocurrency project, which, according to the developers, is able to unite the world of blockchain technologies and the gaming industry with more than 1.2 billion gamers. The new ecosystem with its cryptocurrency under the Ticker XP is implemented on the basis of Bitcoin blockchain. Expirience Points was created to encourage players for the results achieved. In partner games gamers will be able to receive cryptocurrency Experience Points for completing the round or games in general, hero updates and more. Further, these crypto assets can be withdrawn and exchanged for other crypto assets or spent in partner stores.

The developers of the new ecosystem plan to introduce their cryptocurrency into other spheres of human activity. One of the interesting areas is education. Coins can encourage students in learning: positive results in exams and tests, well-written tests, progress in extracurricular and social activities. This can stimulate class attendance and students interest in learning. Another area is sports competitions. Special attention is also paid to the environment. The organizers of Experience Point offer to award XP coin for success in the implementation of environmental projects at the local level.

General information

Cryptocurrency Experience Points (XP) was created in 2016. In total, it is planned to create more than 256 billion сoins.

At the end of December 2017, the developers announced the introduction of various types of nodes to the ecosystem to maintain its stability.


Masternode is any node with least 50 million coins XP. Each hour for confirmed work over the last 60 minutes, such nodes will receive 2800 XP. At the same time, all the nodes will receive the same reward, regardless of the number of coins available. Nodes with 50 million XP will receive the same award as nodes with 100 million XP. This stimulates the creation of new nodes, rather than the accumulation of coins on one node. Such conditions are designed to ensure the stability of the system.


The creation of the supernode will require a large initial investment of 1 billion XP. Investors of such nodes will be able to receive up to 200% per year of the available amount of coins. In order to eliminate manipulation of the market, the developers have set a condition: not to lose the maximum percentage of the reward for the work of the supernode, within 6 months it can not be divided into 2 separate nodes. Otherwise, the originally placed 1 billion coins will be destroyed.


To support the development of the ecosystem, it is critical to develop the scope of the crypto asset Experiment Points. Therefore, the crypto project team intends to attract as many sellers as possible for profitable cooperation. Among the sellers will be distributed Salesnodes, whose functionality will be the same as Master. But unlike the latter, Salesnodes cannot be broken into smaller pieces or sold.


These nodes are created to facilitate the growth of the XP economy. They are provided free of charge to developers who can connect еheir game via the xplay API. Nodes of this type will work with coins with a life of 10 days. If during this time the coins will not be spent as a reward for players, their nodes will burn.


Geonodes – an innovation that is not yet in any other project. They may be regular purses, which enable geolocation. In the version of the wallet for Android OS such a possibility is already available for iOs. Users will be rewarded with XP altcoins for providing geodata. With the help of Geonodes, developers will be able to track data and offer shops in the location cooperation with the crypto project.

Foundation Mothernode

A part of the earnings of all nodes will go in favor of XP Mothernode — the central clearing center with open source. This system is completely transparent and can be tested by anyone. Coming to the Mother center coin will be directed to the creation of new Salesnodes and Devnodes and on the renumeration of Geonodes. All coins not used within 30 days are subject to destruction to avoid their accumulation in the project team.

How to get Experience Points

There are several options for getting free XP:

  • the reward for the connection geonodes;
  • daily earnings on users own game project;
  • participation in games that support the crypto project.

Users can also buy Experience Points on , CryptoBridge, . Altcoin is traded in pairs with Doge, BTC, USD, BCH, MONA, USDT.

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