Fallback Nodes

This is a list of nodes which are considered reliable.


How to use this list

Connect to nodes

You can connect to these nodes with the -addnode=ip switch instead of the usual node harvesting process (through IRC or via the embedded nodelist). You can connect to more than one node by using -addnode=ip more than once. It is usually a good idea to connect to more than one of these nodes.

Nodes without a fixed ip

If the node IP is not fixed (see “Fixed” column), you will have to resolve the node’s name (first column) each time the IP changes. Some nodes may have their ip change once a day, some others once a month, and some others may stay on the same IP for years. Still, as long as the IP is not fixed, there is no guarantee it will stay the same.

In order to enable hostname lookups for the -addnode and -connect parameters, you must additionally provide the -dns parameter. Example:

bitcoind -dns -addnode=bitcoin.es 

Versions prior to 0.3.22 do not support hostnames to the -addnode parameter, so you must do the resolving part for it. For example on linux:

bitcoind -addnode=$(dig +short bitcoin.es) 

IP Transactions

Bitcoin Core versions prior to 0.8.0 also could send IP Transactions to these nodes. If you included your bitcoin address in the “message” field, you might have had your coins back.

Tor network

To use Bitcoin-Qt over Tor hidden services, in a terminal/console enter:

bitcoin-qt -proxy= -onlynet=tor 

To use Bitcoin with one specific Tor node, run

bitcoin-qt -proxy= -connect=abcde.onion 

, where abcde.onion needs to be substituted with one of the Tor nodes below. These parameters can be added to bitcoin.conf to make them permanent.

You can find detailed information on running clients and hidden services within Tor in the documentation.

Nodes list

IPv4 Nodes

This entire list was last checked on 2017-11-15.

Hostname Owner IP Fixed Status Last Seen (GMT) Accepts IP transactions
bitcoin.moneypot.com moneypot 2015-09-15 No
node.bitcoin.xxx Bitcoin.xxx 2014-08-28 Yes
bitcoin.coinprism.com Coinprism 2014-04-26 Yes
btcnode1.evolyn.net Evolyn 2014-01-26 Yes
InductiveSoul.US 2013-11-13 Yes
archivum.info Ferraro Ltd. Yes exMULTI, Inc. No exMULTI, Inc. No K-Norway Yes
netzbasis.de unknown3 Yes
btc.turboadmin.com osmosis No
fallback.bitcoin.zhoutong.com Zhou Tong No
bauhaus.csail.mit.edu imsaguy Yes
jun.dashjr.org Luke-Jr 2017-11-15
cheaperinbitcoins.com Xenland/Shane Yes
django.webflows.fr unknown2 Yes toasty Yes
btcnode.novit.ro ovidiusoft – novit.ro Yes
porgressbar.sk progressbar hackerspace Yes
faucet.bitcoin.st bitcoin street Yes
bitcoin.securepayment.cc SecurePayment CC Yes
coin.soul-dev.com Soul-Dev
messier.bzfx.net BZFX/
btcnode1.bitgroup.cc BitGroup Yes
btcnode2.bitgroup.cc BitGroup Yes
btcnode3.bitgroup.cc BitGroup Yes
btcnode.xiro.co Xiro Labs 2017-11-15 No
stuff.liam-w.io No
bitcoin.bitdonut.co James Hartig
coinno.de jaknam anonymous
bitcoin1.dassori.me gdassori
bitcoin2.dassori.me gdassori
blockchainnode.meulie.net 2017-11-15
fullnode.fybsg.com Nagato
n.bitcoin-fr.io 2017-11-15
mars.jordandoyle.uk Jordan Doyle Yes


IPv6 Nodes

Hostname Owner IP Fixed Status Last Seen (GMT) Accepts IP transactions
InductiveSoul.US 2601:7:6680:2ac:4d29:40ff:7513:fcc7 11-13-2013 (MDY) Yes
caffeinator.net 2013-05-10
2001:470:8:2e1::40  ? 2001:470:8:2e1::40 Yes
messier.bzfx.net BZFX/ 2001:41d0:1:d632::1
stuff.liam-w.io 2a06:8ec0:3::1:2e47 No
bitcoin.bitdonut.co James Hartig
n.bitcoin-fr.io 2001:bc8:c087:2001::1
mars.jordandoyle.uk Jordan Doyle


Tor nodes

This entire list was last checked on 2017-11-15.

Hostname Owner Status Last Seen (GMT) Accepts IP transactions
gyn2vguc35viks2b.onion Up 2017-11-15 No
kvd44sw7skb5folw.onion Up 2017-11-15 No
nkf5e6b7pl4jfd4a.onion BlueMatt Up 2017-11-15 No
yu7sezmixhmyljn4.onion Up 2017-11-15  ?

Adding a node

Before adding yourself as a fallback node, you should be sure your node will stay online for a long time. If a node is offline for more than 24 hours it will be removed from the list.

To add a node in this list, you just need the ip/hostname and your name, the other fields will be filled automatically. Insert the following lines before the <tt>END NODELIST</tt> line:


| ip || your name</nowiki>

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