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Geewa was founded in 2005 and shortly afterwards launched the games portal with six initial games. Historically, the business model was based on free-to-play principles and financed through advertisement. In 2006, Geewa closed a partnership with the biggest web portal in the Czech Republic () to jointly operate a gaming portal called Geewa raised $2 million in Series A funding from Poland’s MCI Ventures in 2007.

In the two following years, Geewa closed license partnerships with , and for distribution of their games on Geewa portals in the Czech Republic. A full micro-transactions economy to enable virtual goods sales was implemented as well. In 2009 Geewa started to publish its games on Facebook and in 2010 published Pool Live Tour on Facebook. The title is still one of the most popular pool games on Facebook with millions of .

In 2012, Geewa published Pirates Poker on Facebook and acquired Cuketa, a Brno-based company behind the Age of Defenders game. At the end of 2012, major creditor of Geewa was MCI Management S.A. with €400 thousand loan bearing interest 8% p.a.

In 2013, Geewa released Pool Live Tour on mobile devices and the competitive word-forming game, On Words, on web.

In 2014, Geewa closed a funding round totaling 4.2M US$. Lead Investor of this financing round was Czech Republic-based KKCG Ventures with participation of existing investor, MCI Ventures. 2014 also sees a lot of progress in game development with the introduction of On Words and Munchie Mania on mobile devices and the release of Tile On, a competitive tile-based puzzle game. Work also begins on the successor to Pool Live Tour, with a focus on mobile first.

This year, Geewa expanded its game portfolio with the launch of Pool Live Tour 2 and Prima Kvizy, a joint venture between Geewa and Czech Television company, . Pool Live Tour 2, built in Unity, is currently in soft launch in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, and Argentina, with more countries to follow.


  • Pool Live Tour (2.5 million daily active users)
  • Pool Live Tour 2 (currently in soft launch )
  • Prima Kvizy
  • Age of Defenders
  • Tile On
  • Munchie Mania
  • On Words
  • Pirates Poker
  • Pool Live Tour: Champions
  • Smashing Four

Business Model

Geewa’s business model is currently based on 2 main revenue streams. The first one is user generated micro-transactions and virtual goods. The second one is advertising, primarily premium ad positions (i.e. pre-roll and post-roll).<ref name=”Geewa Crunchbase profile”/>

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