iExec is a stand-alone peer-to-peer platform that is used by various software that performs mathematical calculations based on a chain of blocks.



One of the founders is Lived Fedak. He has more than 20 years of scientific research in the field of cloud technologies. He led postdoctoral studies at the technical University of California. In the summer of 2015, for his invaluable contribution to the development of cloud computing he was awarded by the Academy of Sciences of China. He developed software and various protocols in Grid. He wrote a huge number of research papers shedding light on the features of distributed computing. He co-authored the scientific publication “Desktop Grid Computing”. He also received a doctorate from the University of Paris.

The second co-founder and head of the South-Eastern branch of iExec, is Haiwu Hei. He is a scholar of many state awards in China. He is a Professor at the Beijing Academy of Sciences. Among other achievements is a master’s degree in natural sciences. He devoted a lot of time to the problems of promoting cloud technologies.

Leading programmer and technical Director of the project is Oleg Lodyzhensky. He is responsible for writing most of the code xtremweb-HEP application used for various experiments in the Novosibirsk Institute of nuclear physics and performs the function of desktop grid-operations. Awarded a doctorate.

Head of financial analysis is Mircea Moca. He plays the role of a consultant on the distribution of cash flows. Started his own company eFast. Together with Gil and Haiwu, he took part in the creation of a huge number of platforms based on cloud technology. One of the developers of the MapReduce application.

In addition to the team members listed above, the iExec platform was able to attract many other equally experienced specialists in the field of programming, management and advertising.


One of the main advantages of the project is that its creators have a clear and well-thought strategy for further development. There is a very detailed road map, which they are trying to follow strictly.


The iExec was able to raise the planned $10 million just hours after the start of the campaign.

Pre-sale of coins took place on April 19. Tokens were offered for Bitcoin and Ether. The minimum investment mark was set at $2 million, the maximum – $10 million. However, the team managed to collect even more than the expected amount. All the money received will be directed to the development and promotion of the site.

Initially, the launch of the primary placement of tokens was to be held on April 12. But after finding a vulnerability in the code of the platform that could lead to serious violations of the smart contracts, the creators moved the event one week ahead.

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