Nick Spanos

Nick Spanos, born 1965, is an early American computer programmer, inventor, and serial entrepreneur. In 2013, Spanos, along with the late Andrew Martin, found the Bitcoin Center NYC on the financial district of New York City, across from Wall Street. Nick Spanos later found Blockchain Technologies Corporation and co-founded Zap.Org. He has been featured on the Netflix documentary Banking on Bitcoin.

Spanos, along with Andrew Martin, was best known for starting the first physical Bitcoin exchange in 2013, Bitcoin Center New York City, next to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). He sought to bring greater attention to Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies by opening the Center in a highly visible area.


Early Life

Nick Spanos was raised in a blue-collar immigrant family on Long Island. In 1978, at the age 13, Spanos built his first computer using a soldering iron. Spanos attended the New York Institute of Technology.



Spanos has worked for several presidential campaigns dating back to the 1980s, including the Presidential primary campaign of Paul Tsongas. His company, Public Appeal, has provided political micro targeting, data and voter contact services to campaign across the country. Most recently, Spanos was Director of Data Operations for the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign. He is currently an outside advisor to Senator Rand Paul. Spanos has advocated for political changes that are more beneficial to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencues, voicing support to policies such as an open currency and market. In December 2017, Spanos spoke in favor of Net Neutrality repeal, downplaying its impact on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Spanos is of Greek descent and is a member of the Greek Orthodox Church. Spanos speaks fluent Greek.

Bitcoin Center

An early pioneer of Blockchain Technology, Spanos founded Blockchain Technologies Corporation in 2013. Spanos also founded Mining Bot, a cryptocurrency mining platform,, a Blockchain news platform, Votewatcher, a patented Blockchain voting system and, a decentralized IOT protocol to empower smart contracts. Spanos has also attempted to expand the use of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to Native American tribes and communities.

The Bitcoin Center in the New York City financial district was founded in 2013, by Nick Spanos, Austin Alexander and Andrew Martin with the purpose of educating people about bitcoin, blockchain and encouraging the trade of cryptocurrency. It has goals to become the first regulated exchange in the world. The center currently promotes bitcoin through a host of events, such as Satoshi Square in New York, music festivals, lectures, and movies.

Press and Talks

Nick Spanos has been featured on CNBC interviews regarding ICOs and keynotes at various cryptocurrency events around the world, such as the World Government Summit.

Spanos claimed “most of economy to use blockchain in future” on CNBC.

Oil Adoption

Nick Spanos has been involved with Saudi Arabia and Venezuela’s ambitious and controversial plans to adopt Blockchain Technology.

Spanos said on the 2nd of May, 2018, “Saudi Arabia is kicking the tires, and that’s huge. As part of their ambitious Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia as a whole is doing everything it can to modernize and diversify their economy. It means they’re open to doing things differently — and to doing big things with blockchain,” according to Bitcoin Magazine.










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