RELEASE is a social media distribution platform. RELEASE is a decentralized social and e-commerce platform. Users will be able to post, consume, share and evaluate exclusive content organized into 13 main categories (breaking news, playing, eating, watching, staying, buying, etc.). Entertainment events and other such as, 13 are classified category to the item, together with the search function, users who visit the site, made it possible to arrive quickly to a certain value in the high-quality information. Activists will be given points (REL tokens) for posting and evaluating the content. The team will issue an ERC20 REL token that will be used for performing all transactions and collecting rewards on the platform. Deep learning and big data analysis will assist in the provision of customized ads and suggestions. After the thought behind the project was clear, a question rose such as how the pattern of social media and the value of the platform would be evaluated. The remedy to the above appeared in the form like RELEASE would provide a reward to a contributor also distribute compensation against the posted article (users who evaluated with comments or share).

In June 2017 Release went ahead with the system of point service for the contributors of articles which gave “0.1 points per 1pv (0.1 yen conversion (Japanese yen) per 1pv) based on the viewing frequency. By introducing this point service, users posting articles would post high quality and worthy information, in turn, to increase the viewing frequency and increase more points. In addition to being able to reclaim it quickly, posters of articles are valued with the number of times of viewing, the evaluators of articles are assessed based on the credibility of comments and shares, and the point “REL token” is evaluated based on its value and reliability evaluation. The team visualizes to establish a “social commerce platform” which is a combination of social media and e-commerce.

Project RELEASE will disburse 100 billion RELEASE COIN (REL token). RELEASE COIN ticker symbol “REL token” will disperse the token to MyEtherWallet account address (personal address). The REL token is based on the ERC 20 token format “MetaMask” and after the REL system is completed, it is feasible to procure services, skills, goods, etc. within the RELEASE platform. When once it is published, it can be exchanged with cryptocurrency, Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC). RELEASE COIN (REL token) can be bartered for multiple cryptocurrencies when once listed on the exchange.

The RELEASE COIN (currency symbol REL), it does not hold the property of securities. It is the accountability of purchaser RELEASE COIN (REL Token) to conclude whether a vital purchase of REL token is legitimate within the jurisdiction of the purchaser and if REL token can be resold to another purchaser in any other jurisdiction.

The citizens of a country or state where a token sale may not be deemed to act in accordance with applicable laws or may be forbidden from purchasing a RELEASE COIN (REL token) or similar digital token, It has no right to obtain REL tokens through the token sale.


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