Rublon is a system that acts as an additional security layer which protects the password-based process to . A protected can only be accessed by someone who enters the correct password and scans a using the Rublon , which holds the of the account’s owner. In that have been previously defined as trusted, only the password is needed in order to sign into a protected account of any supported web application.


Mobile app

Accounts can be protected by installing the Rublon mobile app, which is available for smartphones with , , and . The app is also used to define trusted browsers that make it possible to sign in using a password only. The app can be activated by providing an email address, which results in the creation of the user’s digital identity using asymmetric cryptographic keys.

Supported web applications

Rublon protects the accounts of web applications that are integrated with its system. There are plugins for Magento, and , allowing administrators of websites based on these platforms to integrate them without programming. Web application developers may use the and to integrate Rublon with their services.


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