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Tokpie is the first and only one cryptocurrency exchange platform in the World with Bounty Stakes Trading service.
Tokpie’s users can earn, trade and invest as never before.


What is Tokpie?

Tokpie is the first Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform where users can trade altcoins and bounty stakes. The exchange has its own utility token TKP


The Tokpie exchange platform is developed and managed by the Graceful Globe Limited, a Hong Kong company registered at 1109 11/F Dominion Centre 43-59 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Company Registration no.: 2274978. The company details and its legitimacy are additionally approved by the EV SSL certificate applied to domains and According to the European Union Intelectual Property Office, Tokpie had become a registered trademark since August 17, 2018. Started since September 2018, Tokpie exchange is constantly developing due to its Roadmap.

Unique Advantages

Tokpie is the only one cryptocurrency exchange in the World that among other things provides Bounty Stakes Trading solution to bounty hunters, traders. and investors. Tokpie users can earn, trade and invest as shown in the table below.

Traders & investors Bounty hunters ICO, STO, post-ICO projects
Get valuable altcoins of thoroughly selected projects by purchasing bounty stakes from hunters with huge discounts. Get ‘Cash’ (ETH, USDC, TKP) regularly by selling bounty stakes immediately as they appear on spreadsheets. No investments. No risks to waste time for zero rewards. Can boost awareness and avoid token price dump by allowing impatient hunters selling part of their stakes before distribution to stakes-buyers. So, projects benefiting allowing stakes buyers to pay for the hype.
Get Best ROI Get ‘cash’ (ETH, USDC) immediately Avoid token price dump and boost the hype


Tokpie provides the following services to its users, clients, and partners:

  • ICO, STO launchpad including Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)
  • Bounty Stakes Trading and Listing
  • Cryptocurrencies Trading and Listing
  • Bounty Campaign crafting and management. Marketing. Airdrops

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