SaluS is a blockchain project that uses developments of other altcoins in its algorithm, but also embodies its own ideas.



  • Start date – January 12, 2016.
  • Capitalization – $86100280.
  • Designation – SLS or SLSC, from “SalusCoin”.
  • The total number of coins – 1010215.

The block time is 3 minutes, and the minimum time needed to “freeze” coins to get a bonus is 8 hours. The upper time limit is not set. The number of coins that need to be secured to receive the bonus must be at least 50 SLS. Commission for transactions with coins is charged in an amount of 0.0001 SLS. The annual interest rate is 1%. About 1 million coins have already been sold among investors.

The initial goal of the development team was to maximize the net value of existing assets. To do this, all the known methods were used, such as:

  • buying own coins on the exchanges;
  • investing in alternative cryptocurrencies;
  • thoughtful trading mechanism;
  • affiliate program;
  • introduction of kickstarter coins;
  • cloud rates;
  • bonuses for traders;
  • transaction fees.

Also, in order to maintain the required level and gradually increase the net asset value, the company holds a certain reserve number of SLS coins. The main role played by this reserve is to contain inflation. According to the company’s calculations, the token price should increase by 1% annually. A reserve is formed from the income received from the application of the affiliate program, and partly from the transaction fees.

How to get

For SLS coin mining, it is best to use one of these 3 platforms: MinerGate, CoinKing, LTCrabbit. The company promises that the minimum hashrate will not fall below 1000 H/s.

Users can exchange the extracted tokens for other cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Dashcoin, Monero and many others (BitShare, NXT, Burst, Florin or XEM, Horizon, SiaCoin and Quatloo). SLS coins can be bought on Bittrex, and . Also some trading volumes exist on the , Bleutrade, Coinbase, and exchanges.

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