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SpectroCoin is secure and easy to use web-based Bitcoin wallet for buying, selling, sending, receiving, and storing Bitcoins. SpectroCoin is founded in early 2013 by Vytautas Karalevičius, Mantas Mockevičius, Justas Dobiliauskas and is managed by Lithuanian-UK company Spectro Finance Ltd. SpectroCoin supports Bitcoin exchange and wallet in over 150 countries worldwide and offers more than 20 methods for depositing and withdrawing funds including credit cards and bank transfers. SpectroCoin Card allows users to pay via Bitcoin at any ATM or shop globally. Although users do incur fees at 1 EUR per month – the benefit of using it abroad can be quite significant. The card is available in dollars pounds and euros.

The Wallet and exchange can be accessed via Windows, Android or iOS apps and accounts can be topped up via SEPA Transfers immediately. The exchange looks to match orders internally although when liquidity is lacking they can access other exchanges pools to offer best pricing.


Main information


SpectroCoin was founded in February 2013 and alpha version, which worked as a decentralized exchange, was launched in July 2013.

In February 2014, the company introduced wallet solution, allowing clients to hold their funds in Bitcoins and Euros. At the same year in July, SpectroCoin started to offer merchant solution for online and physical businesses, allowing companies to accept payments in Bitcoins.

In May 2015, SpectroCoin introduced instantly funded Bitcoin Debit card.


How to buy bitcoins with credit card?


SpectroCoin service presents itself as all-in-one solution for Bitcoin.[1] SpectroCoin offers four core products for its clients. Including prepaid debit card, exchange, electronic wallet and Merchant tools.


First SpectroCoin product is simple to use mobile Bitcoin wallet available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone users.[2] This wallet can be used for safe bitcoin storage or for easy and quick processes of sending and receiving bitcoins. Moreover, SpectroCoin wallet allows users to pay for services not only where Bitcoin is accepted, but also at a number of shops and restaurants in London and the Baltic States.[3]

Merchant Tools

SpectroCoin is the first European company to offer quick merchant solution in the market.[4] Accordingly, this innovation started to build the bridge between customers who use Bitcoin crypto-currency and both online and physical businesses.

Firstly, SpectroCoin.com offers an easy way of bitcoin integration through API or e-commerce plug-ins to online businesses. Both API and plug-ins support major e-commerce platforms such as Drupal, OpenChart, WHMCS and Magento.

Secondly, SpectroCoin provides bitcoin integration for physical businesses which have existing Point of Sale systems or offers specific solution for physical payments.

Debit Card

The other product introduced by SpectroCoin is Bitcoin prepaid Debit card which can be used as an ordinary payment card to withdraw money at any ATMs worldwide or to purchase goods in over 20 million shops globally, where VISA or MasteCard payments are accepted.[5] This card is funded instantly through SpectroCoin.com users’ online wallet.


SpectroCoin offers an exchange for trading bitcoin and fiat currency Euro. And because SpectroCoin itself acts as a liquidity provider for its clients Bitcoins are bought and sold immediately. In a near future, SpectroCoin is planning to introduce other fiat currencies.

Deposits and Withdrawals

SpectroCoin clients are able to deposit their funds in a number of ways. Firstly, through localized bank transfers in more than 26 countries. Secondly, via a number of electronic wallets, such as Payeer, Perfect Money, OKPAY. These methods usually take up to 24 hours to proceed. And thirdly, SpectroCoin offers bitcoin deposits available by using debit or credit cards. Bitcoin deposits are processed within 15-60 minutes.

In addition, SpectroCoin provides a handful of withdrawal options, including localized bank transfers where funds can reach client’s bank account within 2 hours or international wire transfer, which can take up to 48 hours to proceed transaction.

Moreover, previously specified electronic wallets can be used not only for depositing funds but for withdrawing them too. Worth mentioning, that SpectroCoin offers a number of vouchers including mobile top-ups and Amazon.co.uk gift cards as a withdrawal option[6].

Besides, recently presented SpectroCoin debit card can be used to withdraw bitcoin holdings at any ATMs around the globe. This bitcoin prepaid card is funded instantly through SpectroCoin.com e-wallet [7].

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