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Stratis is a flexible, powerful blockchain development platform designed for the needs of real-world financial services businesses. It also provides benefits to other types of organizations that want to leverage blockchain technologies. This is a turnkey solution that enables developers and businesses to develop, test, and deploy blockchain-based applications without having to operate their own network infrastructure.

The Stratis platform has been designed to meet the needs of businesses and organizations of all sizes and is particularly suitable for those who run their services in a Windows/Microsoft environment.


STRAT is a cryptocurrency used by the Stratis platform to ensure the creation of closed and public chains for corporate use. Stratis platform offers a solution for fast creation of individual chains on the basis of own blockchain. These chains can vary in accordance with the needs of your company and even play a popular function of the blockchain, such as Ethereum or Lisk that can be tested individually or simultaneously.

Stratis is also a consulting agency based in London that helps clients create chains and make use of existing blockchains that best meet their needs[1].


Stratis cryptocurrency explained – What is Stratis & how does it work?

Some of the advantages of the Stratis project that will affect the real world are the following:

  • Medical research — Stratis blockchain will allow you to maintain a database where the reviewer, researcher and publisher can work with legitimate data.
  • Internet business logistics, transport, things and services can be served by blockchain. For example, a smart lock supported by the Stratis platform will allow you to access a fully automated lease on Airbnb without any dispute or human interaction.
  • Source — this means checking the product and tracking it. With the development of production, there are many copies and fakes. Once the original products are recorded in Stratis, this problem will be solved. Like checking diamonds Everledger.
  • Fintech — in this area Stratis intends to solve such problems as trust transactions, leakage of personal data, identity management, settlement management and others using blockchain technology. Some of these uses are already in production and some are still being developed.

Breeze Wallet Mainnet

Breeze wallet is built on a third-party TestNet network and is currently not ready for release. The first task is to complete all work on the beta version of the wallet and transfer it to the main Stratis network. It will allow you to make transactions that provide a high level of confidentiality[2].

Stratis Identity

The Stratis Identity Platform is an application for managing user identities and the ability to verify them. The application was released earlier, however, in the last quarter of 2017, the release version for iOS is scheduled.

Stratis Masternode Alpha

In the near future, Stratis developers will present a multi-level service for investors to launch and manage their Own masternode node. Previously, the main requirement for starting a Masternode node was the availability of 250,000 STRAT tokens. The plans indicated that investors with sums STRAT 1000, 10 000 and 100 000 STRAT STRAT too will now be able to run node.

Sidechains Alpha

Sidechains Alpha Is a service to provide its network for companies and developers who want to create applications on the blockchain with the ability to implement them in C# / programming languages .NET.

Stratis roadmap

Stratis Roadmap

PoS-reward for keeping STRAT on Stratis wallet

Stratis coin can be stored in its native wallet to maintain network security. Those who keep funds in their wallets receive a reward for this, according to the consensus of PoS type (proof of stake). It is possible to store STRAT using Raspberry PI instead of doing so on a computer or laptop. For each block, one new token is issued, the generation of which requires about 60 seconds. This restrains the inflation rate STRAT at a very low level, at the same time giving stakeholders a financial motivation. Master nodes are an important aspect of the future of Stratis. These Breeze nodes are created to support the budding Breeze wallet, which gives users additional privacy for their transactions.

In order to use such a Stratis Breeze site, users are required to block a certain number of coins. In this case, 250,000 STRATS must be kept in the wallet at all times to be used to support the operation of the site. It is worth mentioning that Breeze nodes also support transactions in bitcoins, and the operator must have 5 BTC or more reserved to support the operation of this functionality. It is obvious that the blockchain ecosystem has much to offer to both developers and fans of the cryptocurrency. The ability to build applications on C# and .NET is quite attractive for companies. In addition, those who use cryptocurrencies can benefit from the secrecy of transactions in both STRAT and bitcoin.

Comparison of Stratis blockchain with Ethereum and Neo

Stratis, Ethereum, Neo Projects support their smart contracts. But unlike the rest on Ethereum there is a fundamental problem-smart contracts are written in the language of Solidity, while Stratis and Neo support several popular languages — C#, Java, JavaScript (in the basic component or in the form of API). Writing smart contracts on Ethereum means that the developer needs to first learn about Solidity.

Moreover, Stratis maintains contracts for the sidechained, unlike Ethereum, where each contract comes from the blockchain Ethereum. Stratis and Ethereum have already gained recognition from the market as well as large companies such as Microsoft. Neo, in turn, also has a developed ecosystem of products, as well as a partnership with quite strong projects, such as CoinDash.

Previously, we provided a comparative table for these three projects (you need to take into account the description above for a more rigorous comparison, as well as compare the trading volume at the moment).

Stratis Price

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