TRUSTEE WALLET is a mobile multi-currency crypto wallet that combines functions such as safe storage, anonymity, buying and selling for fiat. Also, the wallet has a cashback with an affiliate system. TRUSTEE bitcoin wallet uses the convenient smart algorithm, which helps to choose a good course, adapting to the market automatically. The service also supports a large number of unique wallets for each cryptocurrency. The owner of the service is Vadym Hrusha.



TRUSTEE WALLET uses a seed phrase, which consists of a list of words that store information to restore access to the wallet in case of loss or change of device. When the user starts the application for the first time, Trustee autonomously generates a unique seed phrase, which simplifies the process of creating a wallet. Wallet security check approved by Hacken experts.


TRUSTEE WALLET has the following features:

  • Anonymity. Trustee Wallet does not require exactly any personal information, unlike exchanges and other crypto wallets. All user transactions are completely anonymous.
  • Convert to fiat. This is the most sought-after feature for crypto wallet owners. The wallet has built-in functions for buying and selling BTC, ETH, LTC and USDT (omni and ERC20) from a bank card. The user can buy from any card except those issued in the USA, UK, Germany and Japan. It is possible to sell for hryvnia (UAH) and ruble (RUB). In this case, the commission is 1.7 – 3% and includes all possible expenses during processing.
  • Cashback and affiliate program. In general, if the wallet owner combines cashback and a 2-level affiliate program, he can receive up to 30% of his commissions and commissions of friends. Cashback – to activate, it needs to invite five new users via an affiliate link. After activation, the user can get 10% of the commission of his exchanges. This function is activated forever. The first level – 10% of the commissions of invited friends. The more friends install the wallet using the wallet owner’s link, the more income will be. The second level – is activated when the structure turnover exceeds UAH 200,000 per week – it allows to receive 10% of user commissions of the 2nd level.


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