Vipul Ved Prakash

Vipul Ved Prakash is a and . He is the co-founder of anti-spam company Cloudmark and social-media search company .

In 2013, was acquired by Apple Inc. The acquisition was reported to be valued over $200M.

In early 2000s, Prakash became widely known for creating Vipul’s Razor, a popular open-source system. He was named to the list of Top 100 young innovators in the world by for this work on anti-spam.


Early life

Vipul Ved Prakash grew up in . He played competitive , and attended for undergraduate studies in , and , but dropped out to pursue his interests in software design.


In the late-90s, Prakash co-founded, with , an company (Sense/Net) for early Internet users in India and wrote for computer magazines and industry journals, including a regular column, Net Zeppelin, on networking protocols for the Indian edition of the .

Prakash has authored several extensions to the programming language that are published under licenses and distributed via .

In May, 2000, Prakash and , published the Orbiten Free Software Survey, which is considered to be the one of the first successful attempts at building an empirical model of contribution to Open Source projects.

Prakash worked at as an engineer. He co-founded Cloudmark along with Napster’s co-founder , to provide a commercial alternative to his open-source filter, Vipul’s Razor.

Prakash considers himself a cypherpunk. He created a dolphin-shaped implementation of in Perl that was printed on a T-shirt and sold by as a protest against restrictive exports laws.

After Topsy’s acquisition by Apple, Prakash serves as a Director of Engineering at Apple, Inc and is rumored to be leading a growing search program inside the company. He appeared on WWDC 2015 stage to introduce iOS Search APIs.

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