X13 is a hashing algorithm which is based on the classic X11. X13 consists of 13 different hashing functions for increased resistance to coin mining with ASIC-miners. The coins that can be mined on X11 are Bitcoin Diamond, Stratis, Navcoin and other altcoins.


X13 Review

In 2014, the world was introduced to a new type of cryptographic encryption method-algorithm X11, and later its more advanced versions X12, X13, X14, X15, X16R and X17. The first coin, the blockchain of which is built on X11, was DarkCoin (later Dash).

The number in the algorithm name indicates the number of hashing rounds and the types of functions that the algorithm uses. The X13 algorithm uses 13 hash cycles with 13 different cryptographic functions, which makes it one of the most reliable in the modern world of cryptocurrencies.

X-algorithms have been created specifically for use on GPUs, where they provide good profitability and low power consumption. Each subfunction result is then passed to the next sub-algorithm and so happens X times. Thus, the creation of ASIC miners for this method of operation will be difficult, since the hardware will have to have a logical gate for each algorithm on its chip, which greatly increases the complexity of production and the cost of computing equipment.


To crack X13, you need to find a vulnerability in all 13 hashes, which is much more difficult than on SHA-256. Even if one of these hashes is compromised, it will serve as a timely signal for developers to analyze the problem and make the necessary changes to the vulnerable function.

Many X13 hash algorithm platforms use a hybrid Protocol to prove the reliability of a PoW/PoS node. That is, you can mine coins classic mining, using a special program, and then earn on the storage of cryptocurrency up to 20% per year.

Network model

The cryptocurrency is running over the platform of X13 algorithm such as DeepOnion which works out by sending the DeL traffic through the TOR (The Onion Network) network causing it to be doubly secured via the anonymous methodology for the transactions. The crypto currencies’ clients operate using a permanent TOR address which way is of the address of The DeepOnion which itself is a kind of identity proof for the cryptographic analysis happening within the service. It also protects the spoofing and hacking attacks[1].

Hashing functions in X13

As it was mentioned before, X13 algorithm consists of 13 different hashing functions. There have been added two functions to X11: Hamsi and Fugue. So, X13 has: BLAKE, BMW, Groestl, JH, Keccak, Skein, Luffa, Cubehash, Shavite, Simd, Echo, Hamsi and Fugue.

Emission Model of X13 Algorithm

Proof-of-work is done in every 240 seconds which is set as the target of the block which means that 15 blocks per every 60 minutes are produced. To say in a day of 24 hours – 360 blocks are produced using X13 algorithm. Every block in the starting is made up of 8 nodes. The payout keeps on halving with every year in progression.

The POS generation in X13 comes at 10% in the first year; 5% for the next year and shall remain constant at 1% for all subsequent years.

X13 Coins

In the table there are coins that can be mined using X13 algorithm. The prices and other data are available on the 8th of October.

Coin Price Market Capitalization Volume Supply Mineable
Bitcoin Diamond $1.93 $297,121,367 1,984,424 153,756,875 Yes
Stratis $1.50 $148,334,762 677,199 99,044,389 No
NavCoin $0.343282 $21,783,151 95,669 63,455,527 No
CloakCoin $2.39 $12,439,281 159,815 5,199,054 No
DeepOnion $0.332460 $6,953,091 15,857 20,914,066 Yes
Stealthcoin $0.129372 $3,877,687 170 29,973,107 Yes
Kore $0.519927 $1,092,816 10,673 2,101,871 No
Vsync $0.003395 $603,345 18 177,722,409 Yes
BritCoin $0.027151 $577,445 0 21,268,092 Yes
Flycoin $0.734019 $154,736 0 210,806 No
Cryptojacks $0.000262 $106,381 4 406,568,581 Yes
Sterlingcoin $0.030943 $128,495 46 4,152,700 Yes
Mineum $0.003427 $32,330 8 9,436,367 Yes
BoostCoin $0.005009 $88,414 0 17,651,731 Yes
Visio $0.000527 $33,347 21 63,248,837 No
FutCoin $0.000341 $0 0 0 Yes
RoyalCoin $0.002839 $0 0 0 Yes

X13 Mining Calculator

Some websites have an internal mining calculators to count the profitability of X13 algorithm. For instance, this is an interface of X13 mining calculator on the CryptoToMine website:

X13 mining calculator

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